Siskiyou Dance Co. has new director

Skye Kinkade
New Siskiyou Dance Company director Rena Moll, left, “kicks out” founder Tana Macy, who retired in June. Classes start Sept. 16. For more information, go to  Photo by Skye Kinkade

More than 30 years after founding Siskiyou Dance Company in Weed, Tana Macy, 64, is retiring her tap shoes and handing over the business to Rena Moll.

"The timing was just right," said Macy, who has taught hundreds of children over the course of her 31 year career to shuffle-step, plié, and leap. "It really felt like God was saying, it's time. I feel like I've accomplished my dream. Now it's Rena's turn."

Moll, age 30, grew up in Mount Shasta and danced professionally in Mississippi and Texas. She said her friends have always urged her to begin her own dance company.

"It just never felt like the right timing," she said.

Moll was a student of Mount Shasta's Nuria Llovet since she was three years old and went on to dance with Ballet Magnificat, Ballet Mississippi and Ad Deum Dance Company.

Siskiyou Dance Company, located in Weed at the Mercantile Mall, will continue to offer all the same classes it did under Macy, with the addition of a few. Christian DeLeon will still teach hip hop and Patc Dawson will teach some tap.

Macy said Moll has "a vision" for the future of Siskiyou Dance Company and she can't wait to see the year-end production, which will be themed "A Night at the Movies."

"I didn't want to let go until I had the right person," said Macy. "I wasn't 100 percent sure I would do it until that very day, when I announced it at the party after (last year's) show."

Over the years, the end of year performances have "become a bit of a blur," but the first was 'Little Red Riding Hood. "We've done Cinderella, Snow White, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Pinnochio, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and more.

"I also created some originals; The Great Disneyland Caper and The Science Snoops," Macy said. "Later, we put a spin on Alice for Alice's Wacky Wonderland and lots of others in between but the last few were Looking Up, The Amazing Moving Museum and The Employment Line."

Macy said she will miss her students most.

"The kids became like my kids, like my other children. I love dancing, teaching, and building the shows. That's been wonderful. But I'm also looking forward to turning the page and starting a new chapter in my life. I'm not going to rest... I'll be spending time with my husband, bicycle touring, working on our big organic farm. I'll still pop in from time to time and put on my tap shoes," she said.

Macy said she retired altogether because she knew if she tried to simply pull back, she'd have a tough time letting go.

"I want this to be Rena's vision. She just fits here," Macy said.

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