Digital Media Marketing: Brand loyalty and logos - a match made in marketing

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

By Elizabeth Vincent, Propel Marketing

Why is brand loyalty important?

What difference does it make if a customer is familiar with your image, comfortable with your brand? Well, according to decades of research, it makes all the difference in the world.

People are far more likely to choose a brand off the shelf that they are familiar with. Globally, more than 60 percent of consumers would prefer to try a new product from a familiar brand than switch to a new brand.

There is incredible power in consumer familiarity. But how do you leverage it?

Become that known-and-loved brand.

Branding with logos

There’s no better way to build your brand and engage consumers than through vibrant, memorable branding. From your color scheme down to your font and imagery, the way you present your business visually can stick in a customer’s mind far longer than text might.

Developing a logo that represents your service, values, and business personality is crucial. From business cards and storefront signage to email communications and display advertisements, your logo can speak for your business when you can’t, or when words aren’t enough.

Think of big brands you know and trust; the likes of Target, Google, Pizza Hut, and even Goodwill have highly recognizable logos you only have to see for a millisecond to recognize. And you know from that instant that you feel confident in the products and services they’ll provide. Your logo can do that for your business.

Brand-consistent design

Great logos aren’t just for the big guys. Local businesses can easily build brand familiarity within their communities, becoming recognizable from the corner store to the high school newspaper. Your logo can stand out when you sponsor a kids’ sports team or promote your business at a town event.

Keep it simple, with maybe two colors consistent with your company’s branding, and use shapes, fonts, and images that reflect what you do and the personality of your business. Do you own a dog-walking company? Let your logo be fun and whimsical. Offering financial services? Try to keep it more practical, inspiring trust and confidence.

So what difference can brand loyalty make for your business? Find out with your new, high-quality logo.

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