Biz Bits: Stress-free school shopping for parents of teens

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Tip of the Week

Parents of teens spend an average of $133.40 on back-to-school supplies per child, according to a recent Staples back-to-school survey. As you take your teen shopping with you for back-to-school supplies, here are some guidelines to help ease the process:

* Establish your budget first and make sure you plan to purchase required items — laptops for college kids, backpacks for high schoolers, etc. — first. Compare prices online to see where the best in-store deals might be.

* Sit down with your teen to create a game plan and take him or her shopping with you. Use the shopping trip as an opportunity to help your teen build budgeting, comparison shopping and bargain-hunting skills.

* Tech tools are important for virtually every grade level. Look for products that are useful in the classroom and are age-appropriate. For example, children as young as middle school are using laptops and tablets. Check with your child’s teacher to see what their requirements are and how they’ll be using the technology.

* Try to avoid last-minute shopping. Waiting too long to make necessary purchases can make you feel rushed and tempted to overspend. Shop early to give yourself plenty of time to compare prices, features and styles.

— Brandpoint

BBB Watch

Beware of calls coming from area code 876, which are often calls from scam artists claiming to offer a prize you have won in the Jamaican lottery. The Better Business Bureau advises all to remember it’s not possible to win a contest you never entered, and that no one should ever have to send money or buy a product in order to claim a prize.

— Better Business Bureau

The List

Most expensive college football tickets on secondary market, pre-season 2014

1. Auburn at Alabama (Nov. 29), $535

2. Michigan at Notre Dame (Sept. 6), $525

3. Alabama at LSU (Nov. 8), $462

4. Michigan at Ohio State (Nov. 29), $425

5. Texas vs. Oklahoma (Oct. 11), $412

6. Florida at Alabama (Sept. 20), $327

7. Clemson at Georgia (Aug. 30), $325

8. LSU at Texas A&M (Nov. 27), $319

9. Texas A&M at Alabama (Oct. 18), $317

10. Auburn at Georgia (Nov. 15), $304

Figures listed are median ticket prices according to ticket re-seller Vivid Seats.

— Forbes

Number to Know

$49 million: Forecast revenue for each member of the Southeastern Conference, after the Aug. 14, 2014, launch of the SEC Network on cable systems across the country. The new television network is projected to account for about $28 million of revenue for each of the 14 member universities.

Tech Talk

Verizon Communications claimed the crown for fastest wireless speed, narrowly edging out AT&T, according to a study of data from the first half of 2014 by RootMetrics. AT&T had previously been fatests, but efforts from Verizon to add data capacity gave the company’s network the top spot.

T-Mobile finished third — but did score a second-place finish in network speed in city locations — while Sprint finished fourth in four of the six graded categories, edging T-Mobile for the third spot only reliability and text performance.