International beer and more: Siskiyou Brew Works open now in Mount Shasta

Kelsey Shelton
Mount Shasta Herald
Mt. Shasta Taproom owners Susan and Patric Brush, below, with their dog Lager, are planning to open their restaurant in a few weeks. The Taproom will offer international fare and beers that aren’t available anywhere else in the county.

Siskiyou Brew Works, a brewery and pizza joint in McCloud, is expanding its operations to include a Taproom offering international fare in Mount Shasta.

"In German, it's Bierstube," said Patric Brush, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Susan. "Translated it means a place to sell beer. "There's plenty of food, but the focus is on the beer and the casual environment."

The Brushes also bring some of their own beers to the site, which are made with European and local hops, as well as plenty of international brews on tap. "We will have six nitrogen taps, cold brew coffee on nitro, and kombucha," said Patric. According to Susan, there will be 15 to 18 taps total.

"It will be more European," said Susan. Food offerings include German brats, Spätzle, Sauerbraten, European style cheese, fruit and pretzels, to accompany the brews – but the focus will be on the brews. "We will be offering international beers from Scotland, Germany and Europe. We're not a strictly domestic bar at all," said Susan.

"It's a place to go and have beers from other countries, and we will have international soccer games playing," said Susan. There will also be a large wall for community art, which Susan, who also is an artist, hopes will attract locals who wish to sell their work.

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Patric believes that the beer will set them apart from any restaurant in the county. "We will have New Belgium Triple, which is our only U.S. Beer ... we will have a few or our own, and after that the rest will be European and British Isles beer."

Siskiyou Brew Works Taproom Mt. Shasta is located at 325 North Mt. Shasta Blvd,. Siskiyou Brew Works in McCloud, offering house brewed beer and pizza, is located in the McCloud Red Barn on the corner of Highway 89 and Squaw Valley Road.