Starbucks to open Mount Shasta location

Kelsey Shelton
Mount Shasta Herald

It's official: Starbucks is interested in opening a location in Mount Shasta's old KFC/Taco Bell building.

The West Lake Street building, previously owned by DeClerck Enterprises, is now owned by Darren and Matt Dickerhoof, under Shastahoof, LLC. It's been sitting empty since late 2019 and was recently the target of graffiti artists.

Starbucks, which plans to rent the location, is aiming for an October opening.

Lincoln City Aldermen heard plans that a Starbucks restaurant will be added to the retail landscape on the city’s west side at the Tuesday night meeting.

The building will be completely renovated inside. The proposed plans include a renovation of the drive-thru area to accommodate more vehicles, removing outdoor refrigeration units, adding an outdoor seating area and new bike racks for customers. Once opened, the facility is estimated to employ around 25 people, which includes full and part time staff.

According to City Planner Juliana Lucchesi, the building was initially constructed in 1998, and is permitted for fast-food use only. The project does not require further permits or conditional exemptions for CEQA.

"The drive-thru changes will improve the circulation and prevent traffic build up in the area," said Lucchesi. She noted that once the design application is approved, the project would then move into the building permit process.

The old KFC/Taco Bell building drive through area was vandalized and will soon be renovated to become a Starbucks.

"Because it's not a change in use, even if people were to complain or comment and said 'we don't want a Starbucks ...' we don't have control over that," said Lucchesi, who noted that Starbucks contacted the city in January.

At the Mount Shasta Planning Commission's Feb. 16 meeting, no issues were raised during public comment. The only concerns came from planning commissioners, who wanted to ensure that there wouldn't be traffic backed up onto the generally bustling Lake Street. Other concerns involved a possible increase in litter.

Lucchesi and Mount Shasta City Finance Director Muriel Howarth Terrell prepared a city revenue estimate for the meeting, and found that the Starbucks could bring in an additional $10,000 to $20,000 annually.

"If you look at the store in Weed, we will outpace their location because we get more visitors than they do," said Lucchesi. 

The planning commission will receive an updated design plan at their regular March meeting, after which they could approve design changes and proposals to allow construction to begin.

There are two other Starbucks locations in Siskiyou County: at 1805 Fort Jones Hwy. in Yreka, and at 1855 Shastina Dr. in South Weed.

Red and white spray paint was used to tag the front of the empty KFC/Taco Bell building in Mount Shasta over the weekend.