Auto Bits: Tips for arriving to school safely and on time

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Tip of the Week

Whether your children drive themselves, ride in a carpool or they take the bus, safety is paramount. Follow these safety precautions and you’ll make sure your student is there and ready to focus on schoolwork each and every morning.

Tips for traveling by car

* Take your time. Leaving plenty of time to arrive at school ensures no one will be late. It also prevents the driver from speeding, or failing to look before changing lanes or pulling into an intersection.

* Wear your seatbelt. This one’s easy if you’re driving the carpool - everyone buckles up. If your teen is driving alone however, make sure you stress the importance of seat belts. Research shows 17,000 people a year died in crashes, who could have been saved if they had worn a seat belt.

* Make sure the car is ready. Sometimes the weather conditions are less than optimal. That’s why it’s important to have your car ready for any weather.

* Don’t drive distracted. Focus on something other than the road and you or your teen risks causing an accident. When operating a motor vehicle, there’s no place for cellphones, tablets, eating or anything else that might shift focus away from the road. It all can wait until you or your teen reach the destination.

How to keep the bus ride safe and simple

* Head out early. Make sure your kids give themselves plenty of time to get to the bus stop in the morning. Rushing to the stop can lead to accidents, especially if kids must cross a street or two.

* Help the driver. Children should stay 10 giant steps away from the bus as it pulls up to the stop. This will enable the driver to see them and prevent accidents.

* Wait their turn. Children who run toward the bus as it is pulling into the stop risk falling under or in front of the bus. Instead kids should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and open its door before walking - slowly - to get on.

A new school year means more responsibility for your child. Whether that responsibility includes getting on the bus by themselves or driving their own car to school, following the proper safety procedures will ensure everyone arrives safely and ready to learn.

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Did You Know

According to a study by J.D. Power and Associates, Millennials are buying more cars than Gen Xers this year. Millennials have accounted for 26 percent of new vehicles bought this year, while Gen X buyers purchased 24 percent.

The List

Have you come to the conclusion that your automobile just isn’t getting the kind of fuel mileage that it did 12, six or even three months ago? Fuel efficiency is not something that should fluctuate regularly, and changes in the total number of miles that you can travel on a single tank of fuel should be fervently investigated. Here are the three most likely causes of reduced fuel mileage:

- Improper tire inflation and/or worn tires

- Lack of vehicle maintenance

- Improper or faulty ignition components

— S.M. Darby,

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