Local artist with tropical connection born to paint

Will Duggan
Kate Yorke is at home in Mount Shasta, her home for the past 37 years, as well as in Costa Rica, where she enjoys slowing the pace during the winter so she can paint and work for the good of the planet.

Nature artist Kate Yorke lives and paints with a passionate vision whether she is in her Mount Shasta home, where she has lived for 37 years, or slowing the pace and planting trees in her adopted second home of Costa Rica.

Art became Yorke’s language when she was a young girl growing up in Hollywood.

“Images were more comfortable and expressive for me than words, and it still feels that way to me,” Yorke said. “I really prefer a slower pace and time to delve into a subject, especially as I get older. My mantra these days is to ‘cultivate the soil of gratitude no matter what comes my way,’ and it works wherever I am and whatever I happen to be doing.”

Yorke works with water colors and oils in large formats. She is currently exhibiting a selection of her vibrant paintings at the Silver Spoon Restaurant in Yreka. The show is scheduled to run until the Aug. 4.

“From the start of my artistic journey and ever since, I’ve been inclined toward the more sensual aspects of art,” Yorke said. “I really enjoy highlighting the details in the natural world that might otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted. Sometimes I even use brushes that have 10 hairs or less to achieve the effect I have in mind.”

Having contemplative time is the gift that Yorke cherishes most, whether she is in the northern or southern hemisphere. She feels her creative rhythm most when immersed in the rain forest.

Yorke earned her Master’s Degree at Chico State during the 1980s, after having attended UCSB earlier in her life.

She hopes that her images inspire others to travel and discover the beauty in nature.

In addition to her free lance painting, Yorke offers a “commemorate your vacation” service, creating an artistic rendering based on a montage of client photographs.

She is also active in reforestation efforts in Costa Rica that are aimed at restoring a sustainable natural balance in the rain forest.

Kate Yorke can be contacted at 926-6152 or by e-mail at: crartista@yahoo.com.