H2O Manifesto explores water issues, takes no sides

Paul Boerger
A scene from Krista Miller's "H2O Manifesto," which opens this week at the Sisson Museum in Mount Shasta.

Nearly a year in creation, H2O Manifesto opens Oct. 16 at the Sisson Museum offering through drama, dance, music and lighting the complex issues surrounding the bottling of water and its effects on people and the environment. The show runs through Oct. 26.

Conceived by Krista Miller and the Mt. Shasta City Dance Company, the production explores the lives of a farming family when they are offered the big money to sell their water rights for bottling.

Miller and company, along with a talented group of actors and musicians have created a  balanced view of the subject. Although the spirit, sacredness and importance of water is praised through music and dance, the production is not an anti-bottling rant.

Indeed, there is a compromise offered at the end that will surprise you. H2O Manifesto is an entertaining, original and balanced look at complex water issues that is definitely worth the price of a ticket.

The musical score is by Grammy nominee Gentle Thunder and includes a free flowing, effective and continuous musical mood played live by the multi-talented David Schanaker. Thunder’s musical score alternately soars and softens, giving the dancers just the right touch for scenes.

The dance troupe is spellbinding at times as it represents the water in its many moods and propels the story. The rippling lighting provides the perfect complement to the ethereal scenes.

The cast includes Sandra Winslow, Meadow Barr, Susan Brown, Aaron Clemens, Brandy Caporaso, Megan Hawk, Hannah Johnson, Krista Miller, Seth Reinheimer and Tim Rickman.

Following each performance, there will be a public forum with discussions on the issues led by professor of water resources law and policy Greg Weber.

H2O Manifesto runs at the Sisson Museum October 16-19 and 23-25 at 7:30 p.m., and the 19th and 26th at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Village Books. A Gala fundraiser and cast party will follow the matinee on the 26th; tickets for the gala are $30-$50. Visit www.siskiyouartscouncil.org/h2o, or call 530-859-1309 for more information.  

Tickets are available at Village Books for $15. A gala closing night event features the cast party, food, wine and beer, entertainment and dessert auction for $30.

For more information, contact the Mt. Shasta Dance Company at 530-859-1309 or visit the website at www.siskiyouartscouncil.org/h2o.