Gentle Thunder performs and talks transformation

Paul Boerger
Gentle Thunder performs at the Mount Shasta Resort Nov. 19, 2009. In addition to her music, the Grammy award nominee showcased organizations she supports in word and deed that are dedicated to making a better world.

Mount Shasta’s own Grammy award nominee Gentle Thunder returned home for a Nov. 19 performance at the Mount Shasta Resort, offering the crowd her unique wooden flute and hammer dulcimer talents. GT also used the evening to present information on a wide variety of organizations dedicated to bringing about a sustainable peaceful world.

GT does not so much play as she weaves a spell, often walking through the audience, letting the music take her and the listeners where it will.

“The music I do is to inspire and make a difference. I do events, not performances. It’s a beautiful sharing, a co-creative experience,” GT said. “I show up fully and as clearly as I can, step out of the way, keep my heart open, let the instrument of spirit play me. As an artist, every tune is alive and vital. I take in the presence of who is there and reflect it musically. It takes a lot of trust in myself to be good at listening.”

The last year has seen Gentle Thunder perform in over 50 events on the west coast, New Mexico and Austin, Texas. She says she drives to almost all the events by herself.

“I’ve had a great time on the road.  I love connecting with people. Driving time can be recharge time,” GT?said. “I’m never really alone, I have an amazing spirit team that travels with me. It’s really about working with all life.”

GT noted that she produced many of the events and is now looking forward to taking it a little easier.

“I’m ready for a break from the road and wearing all the hats. I’m calling in human allies to help with the business so I can just be the artist,” GT said. “I hope to get a break this winter, but I’m on call to help where I can make a difference.”

In a video presentation, GT showcased several organizations that hope to make a difference in the world including the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, For the Next 7 Generations, Rising International, World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace, Global Camps Africa, Inner Light Ministries and Awakening the Dreamer. All can found on the web.

“I did appearances with all of them. They are about expanding our awareness, realizing we are a global community and working together as a sustainable global community with compassion,” GT said. “I also played for H2O Manifesto, the water show by Krista Miller. Water is a local issue, but global in reach.”

GT supports the organizations not only in her work, but in her optimistic heart.

“What I love about these organizations is they come from a hopeful perspective, about having an awareness of our footprint on the planet,” GT said. “There is so much that seems hopeless, but there are great things happening everywhere on a large scale.”

GT is also now teaching on a wide variety of personal and musical levels.

“I’m teaching private lessons now for flute, hammer dulcimer and drums. I want to awaken your inner artist, help you find what makes you creative, what inspires passion and what gets in the way. I can help you channel your energy and help you through,” GT said. “It’s not limited to musicians and no experience is necessary. I am a Grammy nominee and I love supporting people in finding the awakening of the artist within, beginners included.”

Finally, Gentle Thunder offers her own hopeful view of humanity.

“I really believe every one of us has their own unique gift. Each one of us is needed or we wouldn’t be here. Together we are genius, we are complete,” GT said.

GT was recently a guest artist on the nationally acclaimed West Coast Live radio show at the Cascade Theater in Redding. The show will be rebroadcast in December. Check local listings.

“You will hear a couple of surprises,” she said.

To contact Gentle Thunder, call 530-925-4495 or send email to gt@gentlethunder.com. For more information, visit the website at www.gentlethunder.com.