Save the Rain to hold annual Rain Dance fundraiser

Skye Kinkade

Save the Rain will hold their 5th annual Rain Dance fundraiser at the Sisson Elementary School gymnasium Saturday, April 17, from 6:30 to 11 p.m.

The Mount Shasta based non-profit has a lot to celebrate, including the recent return of their founder, Kelly Coleman, from a trip to Africa, as well as Water Crisis Awareness Week at both Mount Shasta and Weed high schools.

Along with school wide presentations and in-class presentations at both schools, students will participate in a Rain Run on Friday, April 16 to raise money to bring clean water to the people of Africa.

Coleman returned to Mount Shasta last week after working in Mbuguni, Tanzania to build a 120,000 liter rain catchment system on the Mbuguni Primary School, which has 1,400 students. The system will not only provide clean water for the school, but also to the rest of the community, Coleman explained.

Saturday’s Rain Dance will feature live African music from Jujuba, an informative slideshow of work Save the Rain has completed in Africa, food provided by Mt. Shasta Supermarket, and a silent auction.

The cost of tickets is $15. This amount is enough to bring clean water to a person for the rest of their life and the life their future offspring, said Coleman.

To purchase tickets or to learn more about Save the Rain, visit www.savetherain.org. To read a first hand blog of Coleman’s experiences in Mbuguni, Africa, visit Save the Rain’s Facebook page.