Siskiyou Dance Company ends the year 'Looking Up'

Karen DeRoss
Siskiyou Dance Company director Tana Macy waves and takes a bow at the end of the year-end show, “Looking Up” at College of the Siskiyous the weekend of June 4-5, 2010.

Tiny ballerinas adorned in tutus, sparkles and ribbons were among the many performers who captivated the audience during Siskiyou Dance Company’s 27th annual performance, “Looking Up” the weekend of June 4-5.

Dancers of all ages displayed the fruit of their year-long dance lessons with pride.

The show displayed everything that directs attention upward, beginning with a ballet performance of stars by the advanced ballet class, moving to planets, weather, rainbows and from there, of course, to “The Wizard of Oz.”

Advanced ballerina Taylor Nichols gave a stunning solo dance as Dorothy to Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

The alternative version of The Wizard of Oz, “The Wiz,” was represented with a tap dance.

As many styles of dance were incorporated into the show as “up” themes.

Amid the jazz and hip-hop dances was a standout performance, choreographed by Christian DeLeon and performed with Collin Cool and Osten Cummins. Donned in gold masks, these dancers portraying martians gave fluid performances, appearing to hover all over the stage. The quick transition of body positions and succession of movements showcased their hip-hop talents and DeLeon’s ability to successfully capture it with his choreography.

The wild applause from the audience during and after the dance showed that DeLeon is a performer to watch for in future shows.

“Looking Up” ended with the character Carl from the movie “Up,” played by teacher Tana Macy, selling balloons and reminiscing about his late wife Ellie. Carl and Ellie, played by Leslie Mouton, danced as a couple in love recalling their happiest memories together.

Carl’s memory reached farther back to find the bride of his youth, played by Elizabeth DeRoss, as the dance transitioned into a moving depiction of the young Ellie, choreographed and performed by DeRoss.

Each dancer brought enthusiasm and personality to the show, from 3-year-old ballerinas to teenage hip-hop dancers to beautiful advanced ballet performances, making the show successfully entertaining from start to finish.

Osten Cummins and Christian DeLeon moved all over the stage as if in suspension while portraying martians during Siskiyou Dance Company’s “Looking Up” performances June 4 and 5, 2010 at College of the Siskiyous in Weed.