Former resident's book is a redemption story

Skye Kinkade
Author Rob Cabitto is a Siskiyou County native who wrote the memoir, "The Fractured Life of 3743."

Former McCloud resident Rob Cabitto has written a memoir that tells the story of his journey through substance abuse, homelessness and incarceration before reconciling himself with his Karuk heritage and becoming a successful business owner.

The book has received praised from, among others, Pulitzer Prize nominee Dave Pelzer, author of “A Child Called It.”

“I have been homeless, jobless, and penniless,” Cabitto writes in “The Fractured Life of 3743.” “Spiritually, emotionally, and physically I have been destitute.... I have been sad, scared, and downright lonely, but I?never gave up. The life of 3743 can be summed up as a journey, beginning with tragedy, and culminating in redemption born out of desperation.”

The number 3743, Cabitto explained, is his roll number, which identifies his Karuk heritage. His first memory, he said, is of his biological father pouring gasoline on him, intending to set him on fire, when he was only four years old.

Soon after, he was taken from his Karuk family by child protective services and adopted by a family in McCloud.

In high school, Cabitto said he found alcohol and drugs, and his life unraveled from there.

He said he’s been sober since 2004, after hitting rock bottom, and he hopes his story will inspire others to change their lives because if he can do it, so can they.

“Like many who were raised in unfortunate circumstances, Rob Cabitto made poor choices,” writes Pelzer in his endorsement on the back of the book. “But yet, after reaching the bottom of life’s well, Rob has climbed out and into the light of forgiveness and service to others.

Rob, through his works and his book... will not only give hope, but truly inspire others toward their greatness.”

Cabitto said his book is unique because of the Quick Response codes placed throughout its text. By focusing a smartphone on the QR bar code, readers will immediately have access to more information or pictures about that subject at his website.

He believes his book is the first to use QR?codes in this way, and he is in the process of patenting the idea.

Cabitto now lives in Minnesota and is the president of Nine Mile Communications, a company that installs data and telecommunications equipment. He has a nine year old son and serves on the board of directors for the Salvation Army. He also gives inspirational speeches about his experiences and wants to use proceeds from his book to help others that are in situations similar to those he lived through.

You can find Cabitto’s book online at his website, or at

"The Fractured Life of 3743" was written by Rob Cabitto, a Siskiyou County native.