Siskiyou Dance Company makes museums come alive

Skye Kinkade
Dancer and choreographer Christian DeLeon has two solos in Siskiyou Dance Company’s upcoming performance, “The Amazing Moving Museum,” including a hip hop number as an automoton (in the style of the animated movie Hugo), as well as a duet with Ellie DeRoss to end the show.

Mummies, porcelain dolls,  music box ballerinas, Greek statues, stars and pop art paintings will come alive during Siskiyou Dance Company’s upcoming performance, “The Amazing Moving Museum.”

Featuring more than 100 ballet, tap, jazz, swing, hip-hop and latin dancers from ages three to adult, director Tana Macy said she’s excited to see her grand vision come to life on May 25 and 26.

For the Company’s 30th annual performance, Macy connected with local artists to create an “art museum” in the Ford Theater’s lobby, in keeping with the museum theme.

A series of original pop art paintings by Linda Vivas will light up the stage for a portion of the performance, Macy said.

“Museums are so wonderful, and everywhere you go, in every little town, there’s a museum,” said Macy. “I thought they’d be a great thing for a show.”

Gleaning inspiration from museums near and far, as well as the Ben Stiller comedy “Night at the Museum,” Macy divided the performance into several categories, including art, ancients, antique dolls, early Americana, star gazers planetarium, natural history and music.

Dancers from across Siskiyou County will be involved in the performance, which will showcase a wide variety of music and genres of dance.

Macy and friend Leslie Mouton will open the show with a broadway-style performance, “A Couple of Young Old Gals.” Other solos will be performed by ballerinas Mitsi MacIvor and Taylor Nichols and hip hop dancer Christian DeLeon as an automoton in the style of the animated movie Hugo. Hip hop dancers Collin Cool and Osten Cummins will dance a duet as skeletons.

DeLeon and Ellie DeRoss will finish the nearly two your show with a contemporary dance duet, “The Violin and the Dancer.”

While Macy conceptualized the show and choreographed a large portion of the dance numbers, other choreographers also added their own personal touch, she said.

“It was amazing to see them take the museum theme and run with it,” Macy laughed.

Other choreographers include Rena Moll, who performed professionally in Sacramento before moving home to Siskiyou County, Annie Ziller, Leanne Jopson, DeLeon, Michelle McGee and Patc Dawson.

Brooke Cottman will play the museum tour guide, and Kim Harper will play the part of a mom with two sneaky kids, JT Kennedy and Asher Aguirre.

Macy’s students have been rehearsing since January. The performance represents the culmination of a year in dance.

“The Amazing Moving Museum” will run Friday, May 25 and Saturday, May 26 at 7 p.m. at the College of the Siskiyous Ford Theater in Weed.

Tickets are $12 each and can be purchased at The Weed Store in Weed, Village Books in Mount Shasta or at the door.

Advanced ballerinas Ellie DeRoss, Rena Moll, Aimee Langston, Sequoia Wagner, 
Mitsi MacIvor, Taylor Nichols, Abby Nichols and Lauren Nichols will bring a Dega painting to life during Siskiyou Dance Company’s 
performance, “The Amazing Moving 
Museum,” scheduled for May 25 and 26 in College of the Siskiyous’ Ford Theater in Weed.