Today's News: Our Take - Composer Elliott Carter Dies at 103

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Mount Shasta Herald

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Elliott Carter died in his New York City home Monday at the age of 103.

Carter's assistant Virgil Blackwell confirmed the death to The Washington Post, though he did not disclose a cause of death.

Though born in New York City, Elliott Cook Carter Jr. spent much of his youth in Europe. His exposure to the music scene overseas helped inspire and influence Carter's unique musical voice.

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A master of modern music, Carter experimented greatly with rhythm, and his pieces were often described as difficult to both play and listen to. The iconic composer earned Pulitzer Prizes for his string quartets in 1960 and 1973.

Carter didn't hit his stride musically until he was 40 years old, but he continued composing until just before his death. He debuted his first opera, "What Next?," at the age of 90 and premiered "Interventions" during a 100th birthday celebration at New York's Carnegie Hall.

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