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This week, Jimmy Kimmel made an impressive debut in his new 11:35 p.m. timeslot (despite the fact that Jennifer Aniston destroyed his set), James Franco lips-ynced to Justin Bieber and filmed it, celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, and Al Roker admitted to pooping his pants. In non-celebrity news, a soldier dressed up like Spider-man to surprise his son, an amateur duo performed a rap medley in their underwear, and a bunch of fast food workers were scared out of their wits by what appeared to be an in invisible driver. Check out these clips and more in this week's Top Videos.

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Spider-Dad: This week's dose of adorableness. Soldier Jason Reynolds came home from Afghanistan on emergency leave to see the birth of his daughter and wanted to do something special for his 3-year-old son, Noah. So he dressed up like Spider-Man and snuck into their backyard. Watch the toddler's reaction.

James Franco does Bieber: The world may never know what prompted James Franco to post this video, in which he passionately lip-syncs and dances to Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" and has Ashley Benson stand in as (presumably) Selena Gomez. Franco promptly took the video down after initially posting it, but it was too late, as a few sites had already published it. Welcome to Internet infamy! Oh, and R.I.P. Jelena.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, Volume 3: Who says celebrities can't handle a little negative feedback? Here, watch stars such as Anderson Cooper, Kirstie Alley and Hayden Panettiere read some of the harshest things ever written about them - by (mostly) anonymous Internet commenters, of course - on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel Moves to 11:35; Jennifer Aniston Destroys His Set: In honor of Kimmel's timeslot move, here's another Live video. As the first guest on the show at 11:35 p.m., Jennifer Aniston thought she'd do Kimmel a favor by smashing his desk after she came out onto the set. "Out with the old, in with the new!" she shouted. Only problem? That was Kimmel's new set. Oops. (Later, she gave him a haircut to make up for it.)

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Al Roker's White House Accident: The story that gets more awkward every time you hear it. During an interview with Dateline that aired this week, Today's Al Roker divulged that he once had an accident - yes, the pooping in your pants kind - at the White House after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Permanent cringe. 

Fred Armisen, ?uestlove Have a Drum-off:Portlandia's Fred Armisen and The Roots' skinsman ?uestlove had a drum-off on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week. The takeaway? Comedic timing isn't Armisen's only skill!

Invisible Driver Prank: What do you get when you combine a drive-through window, a clever prankster, and a full-body costume that looks like an upholstered car seat? A bunch of really freaked out fast food employees. 

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