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Fiona and Steve Jimmy may finally be together, but Shameless' most shameless couple will hit a rough patch this season when they realize that living on the straight and narrow may be too boring.

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But that's the least of Fiona's worries this year, since there may not be a family for Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) to take care of. TVGuide.com hit the set of the Showtime series to grill Rossum on what's in store this season, like why turkey basters are involved. Read below to find out!

Fiona and Steve/Jimmy are back together. What will that look like this season?

Emmy Rossum: You're definitely going to see the reality of how a relationship plays out, the trust struggle and the balance of power in the relationship. Who pays for what? Now that Jimmy's not a car thief anymore, how is he bringing in money? Is he going to have a regular-person job? When we come back for the start of the third season, we realize he's basically become Mr. Mom to a certain extent and Fiona is bored and misses the thieving, sexy, fast-car Jimmy, or Steve, as he was then. Lots of things have changed and they've settled into a life that Fiona thought she wanted, but she's not sure she wanted it like that.

What troubles will the family face this season?

Rossum: Halfway through the season, DFS comes and takes the kids away. There's been an anonymous call made to say that there's no parent living in the house and that when the father is there, he's an alcoholic and beats the kids. The kids are taken away and put in foster care temporarily until a hearing can be made. Fiona is scrambling and very afraid of what will happen if she can't either get Monica (Chloe Webb) to get her act together and help out or get Frank (William H. Macy) sober and ready to appear in court. This has probably happened once a couple years ago, but not to this extent.

The family had decided to cut Frank out of their lives. How hard is it for Fiona to then have to turn to him?

Rossum: Fiona usually blackmails Frank and is left with his problems. This time she really needs him and goes to him and says, "I need you to do this for me." Of course, he sees an in and uses it to his advantage. He says, "I'll only help you get the kids back if I can have my room back," so he's back in the house.

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How is Fiona different from what we've seen in the past seasons?

Rossum: She definitely manages her stress and focuses on whatever is put right in front of her. But now that the kids are out of the house, she's a little more frazzled and she's a little out of her depth.

What will her relationship with Lip (Jeremy White) look like this season?

Rossum: Lip is living at the house and Mandy (Emma Greenwell) is living with him, so there's a bunch of Milkoviches living with us as well. Fiona is not crazy about them and what they stand for, so she and Mandy have a lot of friction. As Lip grows up and is smarter than Fiona in a lot of ways, definitely book smart, and though Fiona has been the head of the family longer, Lip is making better decisions than her in the first half of the season. Fiona is making some poor money decisions and we see her putting their livelihood on the line a couple times, so he's showing himself to be a little bit more capable.

How will Fiona be there to support Kev (Steve Howey) and V (Shanola Hampton) this season?

Rossum: Kev and V are trying to have a baby and will basically go to any extent to do it. IVF, which is so expensive, isn't an option for them, so they use turkey basters and anything else that you can possibly imagine.

Shameless returns Sunday at 9/8c on Showtime.

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