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Lindsay Lohan isn't the only one who laughs in the face of court-mandated community labor. Chris Brown has reportedly not only failed to complete his community labor, but faked the hours he claimed to have accomplished, both of which would be violations of Brown's five-year parole.

In August 2009, Brown was sentenced to 180 days of community service stemming from his assault of Rihanna. Brown was granted the ability to do so in his home state of Virginia, as opposed to Los Angeles County, where he was sentenced. In a motion obtained by TVGuide.com, Deputy District Attorney Marry Murray requests the court revoke Brown's right to complete service out of state citing "significant discrepancies indicating at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting."

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Richmond Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood wrote a letter to the court dated Sept. 14, in which he claims Brown completed 202 days of community service, when he was only required to do 180. Contrary to Norwood's claims, the spreadsheets documenting Brown's service only show 162 days completed. Furthermore, even the spreadsheet overemphasized Brown's alleged completed service.

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After investigating, the D.A.'s office found "no credible, competent, or verifiable evidence" that Brown fulfilled the duties previously filed court papers claimed. But not only have claims of Brown's labor been found to have unreliable or untraced sources, some have even "been credibly contradicted." Probation Office Eric Covington, who was assigned to supervise Brown's probation, revealed that no one from his department "scheduled, supervised, monitored or verified" his community labor and that supervision wasn't transferred to the Richmond Police Department or any other police department.

When the D.A.'s Office requested to speak with Norwood, whom Covington claimed supervised Brown, they were told he was unavailable. However, Victoria Pearson, General Counsel for the Richmond Police Department, revealed that she was the one who composed all the department's correspondence submitted to the court and that the supposed documentation of Brown's completed hours does not exist.

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Brown also supposedly completed over 500 hours of service at the Tappahannock Children's Center, a farce which the D.A. claims "was orchestrated and scheduled through Ms. Joyce Hawkins," Brown's mother and former Director of the Center. As it turns out, Hawkins was the one who provided the times, location and types of duty Brown purportedly performed. It was also revealed that on many dates Brown claimed to have completed service, such actions were impossible since he was out of town.

The D.A. has asked the judge to reject Brown's alleged Virginia community labor hours and force him to fulfill them in Los Angeles county.

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