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Could love be in the air for Alex and Jo?

Aside from the hospital having to close its doors, that's been the big question on Grey's Anatomy this season as Alex (Justin Chambers) has grown closer to intern Jo (Camilla Luddington) - whom, to be honest, many fans hated in the beginning of the season. But with the help of Alex, Jo has gone from an amalgamation of the worst traits of the Fab Five to settling into a less neurotic character that we could maybe, possibly get on board with.

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"There could be something more," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says of their relationship and adds that the writers have been calibrating the chemistry between the pair to see if they will make for a good couple. "The two of them are great together. They have this really great energy."

But just when Alex began to realize that Jo might be more than a friend, he was crushed - in an Alex kind of way - to find out she was dating someone else at the hospital. The poor guy has had his heart broken more times than we'd like to count - Izzie (Katherine Heigl), Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) and Lucy (Rachael Taylor), among them - which is why, Rhimes says, the writers are only testing the waters for now.

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"We're moving them very slowly, but for Alex - who is either sleeping with somebody or madly in love with somebody who turns out to be terribly wrong for him and he gets really, really hurt - this slow movement is really nice. It's nice to see him caring about someone in a way that's not about sex. They just get along and it's nice. In my mind, they're these two alley cats who hang around together."

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