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Jackson Carter | Photo Credits: Trae Patton/NBC

Starting Weight: 328

End of Week 11: 230

Total Loss: 98

Previous Weight: 235

Weight Loss: 5 pounds

Current Weight: 230

It's our last week on the ranch and everyone is kind of emotional. Even though it has been a very challenging ride, both physically and emotionally, we have completely turned our lives around at this place! It's hard to imagine that we will be leaving it at the end of this week.

To make matters worse, we will be facing two lines at the weigh-in. Whoever falls below the Red Line is automatically eliminated. The two people below the Yellow Line will be voted on by America for a chance to weigh-in as a finalist.

Tensions are high, but this isn't a time to get stressed out. We all get split up and start working with our original trainers. Though we are working hard, Bob, Dolvett and Jillian each take some time to talk about what we have been through. We reminisce about how far we have come and how much we have accomplished. It's really hard to believe that the kid who passed out for six minutes and was put on oxygen in the first workout is now in the final 5. It is incredible what you can accomplish when you really put everything you have into achieving a goal.

And of course, it wouldn't be a week of reminiscing unless I threw up. Now, I wasn't exactly vomit free the whole time. But in weeks 9 and 10, I seemed to have finally kicked the puke demon to the curb. But out last workout is so intense that I can't even control it. I have to run the gym sink and throw up anything I may have had. I'm not angry about it this time though. Barfing is just another reminder of how many challenges I have faced and overcome. For the first time on the ranch, I am proud to have grossed everyone out!

Our last challenge was the infamous "put the weight back on" challenge. We have to pull sleds up a snow-covered mountain, stopping at 10 checkpoints each representing the 10 weeks we had been on the ranch. At each point we had to put the amount of weight we lost that week onto the back of our sled. You'd think the kid from the mountain town in the state with the "greatest snow on earth" would have this in the bag. But the air is so thin at the peak, I was struggling to get up it at my current weight; Let alone with an additional 93 lbs dragging behind me. Not to mention, I had sprained yet another ankle the week before. And to top it off, I freaking hate snow! It's cold and wet and has zero redeeming qualities. I feel about snow the same way I feel about "Inception" or Jeff feels about Jack Black. We just don't see the appeal.

Joe ends up claiming the one pound advantage, but this challenge isn't about the prize. It's about proving to ourselves that we will never let this weight affect us ever again. We all eventually pass the finish line and even go back to motivate Gina up the hill. We end by having a snowball fight with Alison in celebration of never having to do another challenge again.

It has finally arrived. It's our last weigh-in before finale. I am a bundle of nerves because the odds are really stacked against me. I had an injury, I didn't have a pound advantage, and the weeks where I threw up were typically the weeks my weigh-ins were the worst. Joe gets on the scale and loses 5 lbs. My heart sinks. Joe is always good for a big weight loss. If he gets a 5 on the last week, what am I in store for? I get on the scale and lose 5 lbs. Slowly the image of me on the scale with confetti dropping around me is fading away. Because of Joe's one pound advantage, I was sunk.

Then a shocking twist of fate happens when Gina gets on the scale. She only loses 2 lbs. So while I may not have a certain shot at a finalists' spot, at least I'm safe from the red line. Jeff and Danni both crush it with an 11 lb weight loss. So Joe and I now rely America's vote, and Gina gets eliminated.

Gina was a pretty good friend of mine. I felt badly for her because she really struggled with the emotional part of the game. When the news broke to her that she was going to be eliminated though, she handled it with grace and poise. I couldn't have been more proud of her at that moment. She's really learned a lot about herself on the ranch and I hope she continues on her path of success.

Now comes the point where I pander for votes. This journey was so much harder than I had ever expected it to be. But no matter how high the mountain, I always tackled it head on. There is only one more obstacle on my path and I need YOUR help to make my dreams a reality. So PLEASE visit http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/vote/ to cast your vote for me! Plus, my birthday is on Saturday and a vote from you would be a pretty great present. I also accept cash.

Much Love,


The Biggest Loser finale is live next Monday, March 18th at 8/7C on NBC.

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