Today's News: Our Take - Madonna's Homeless Brother: She "Doesn't Give a Sh-- If I'm Dead or Alive"

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Madonna's brother, Anthony Ciccone, is an alcoholic who's living on the streets of Traverse City, Mich., and he says that his family couldn't care less whether he lives or dies.

"Madonna doesn't give a sh-- if I'm dead or alive," Ciccone tells Britain's Daily Mail."She lives in her own world."

Of their father, Tony - who often drives around town to bring food to Ciccone, according to the Mail - he adds: "He doesn't want to be bothered. ... He thinks the way I live is intentional. ... My father would be very happy if I died of hypothermia and then he would not have to worry about it anymore."

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Ciccone, 56, insists that he'd rather be working and is homeless as a result of "where the chips fell" in his family, but the Mail reports that he once lost a job at the family vineyard after he was discovered drinking wine from the vats. He also recently spent a month in jail after being arrested for public intoxication in a church, where he was allegedly swearing in front of children, the Mail reports. Still, Ciccone maintains that he does not have a drinking problem.

Ciccone, the oldest of eight siblings, says that he and Madonna, 54, were "enemies" growing up. Both Madonna and her father, Tony, have paid for Anthony to go to rehab on several occasions, but he now refuses to go back, according to the Mail. Their other siblings have also tried to reach out.

"I've never asked my sister for anything," Ciccone insists. "She don't owe me nothing. That's her sh--, man. She made her money, she worked for it, I've got no beef. If she wants to live that way, that's her thing."

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When Madonna performed at the Super Bowl last year, Ciccone and a group of other homeless men listened from a van in the parking lot, in a stunt organized by a local radio station, the Mail reports.

It's not the first time Ciccone has lashed out at the Queen of Pop. In 2011, he came forward with similar claims.

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