Today's News: Our Take - Paparazzo Sues Rob Kardashian

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Rob Kardashian | Photo Credits: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Paparazzi are doing their best to keep with the Kardashians.

Until then, one photographer is suing Rob Kardashian in a California civil court, citing a March 28 physical conflict with the reality star, TMZ reports.

Paparazzo Kassandra Perez, whose real name is Andra Viak, says in court documents that she suffered injuries to the arm and chest - and was robbed of her camera memory card, which she values at $30,000 in photographs.

What stars have had cheating scandals?

According to the timeline of court papers, Kardashian and Perez scuffled in a parking lot outside a West Hollywood gym, after Perez snapped photos of Kardashian without his shirt on. Kardashian snatched her camera, and took the memory card, which stored thousands of Perez's photos.

Tabloids have hounded Kardashian in recent months for weight he appears to have put on.

The Beverly Hills Police Department said Kardashian is also being investigated for robbery - a possible felony, E! News reports.

Did Rob have a right to his privacy?

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