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Wednesday's Survivor was a Double Tribal Council episode. So, who was blindsided?

With The Three Amigos down to two after Malcolm was voted off last week, Eddie and Reynold's days seemed numbered - but Reynold, for one, was still confident. "In my mind, I think I'm capable of winning five immunity challenges in a row," he said. Cochran, meanwhile, wasn't being shy about his desire to "take control of the game," and was frightening himself in the process. "I feel like I've turned into something that'd scare my mother if she saw me," he said. "But I'm not the little Harvard nerd who was trembling in the bushes last time."

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The morning after Malcom's dismissal, the contestants received tree mail about an immunity challenge, meaning they'd be facing another Tribal Council that night. The first immunity challenge, a balancing competition in the water, included a twist: the players were offered food to lure them out of the contest. Eddie and Erik couldn't resist a plate of doughnuts and cold milk, and opted out of the challenge before it even began. Cochran also eventually gave up, saying his thighs were "about to burst" and hungrily accepted three hot dogs and a cold soda - with no approval or permission to do so from his Favorites allies, as host Jeff Probst pointed out. "That might have been a big mistake," Cochran admitted later.

Despite his earlier declaration, Reynold eventually fell, leaving Andrea and Brenda balancing. After briefly debating brokering a deal with each other, both decided that they wanted a chance to win the challenge outright. But once they hit the three-hour mark, they decided to raise the stakes and balance on just one leg. Brenda lasted only seconds after that, meaning that Andrea won both immunity and the reward, and that Reynold or Eddie would likely be sent packing.

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Andrea made good on her word to share the reward information with Brenda (and eventually her whole alliance), which led them to a hidden immunity idol. Though Erik found the idol, he immediately handed it over to Andrea. "Does he learn nothing?" an exasperated Cochran wondered afterwards. So, with both immunity and an idol in her hands, Andrea started thinking about pulling a blindside to remove some "strategic threats," and suggested going for Brenda rather than Reynold. Cochran, who was also thinking about his individual game rather than the alliance, realized that the immunity challenge and aftermath was "the beginning of the end for the alliance of six.

But Andrea's plan didn't come to fruition at the first Tribal Council. Despite much pontificating about whether or not to keep Eddie and Reynold around for their votes in a potential blindside, Reynold's torch was snuffed. Sherri, Andrea and Dawn were positively giddy about his dismissal, and Andrea again advocated for a blindside, talking to Cochran about voting for either Dawn or Brenda at the next council. Cochran, however, didn't agree with the strategy and told Dawn and Brenda (who initially wanted to go for Eddie) about Andrea's plan. New target? Andrea.

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At the second immunity challenge, an obstacle course-puzzle combo, Erik emerged victorious (and vowed that he wouldn't be giving the necklace away like he did during his last Survivor stint). Andrea, convinced that everyone would go along with her plan to blindside Brenda, told Eddie about the move and assured him he was safe. Cochran, realizing that Eddie was replacing him as part of Andrea's endgame strategy, decided to gun for Andrea and reluctantly pulled Erik into his circle of trust. Andrea also approached Erik (who, remember, had helped her locate the idol) to tell him to vote for Brenda, and said she wanted to take him with her to the end of the game.

"Both alliances think I'm on their side, but Cochran hasn't promised me final three," a flattered Erik noted. "I could totally shake things up. ... I'm actually in control of the game it feels like."

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But if that was true (a big if), it didn't last long. At the night's second Tribal Council, despite Cochran and Brenda talking about distrusting members of their alliance and admitting to being dishonest themselves, Andrea opted not to play her idol, and was voted off by a single vote. "Oh, you guys! That was good. That was really good," she admitted afterwards.

What did you think? Were you as shocked as Andrea was by the blindside? How long do you think Eddie will stay in the game? And what's with Erik giving things away?!

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