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Donald Trump may be spending his Apprentice summer hiatus in court.

The reality host is in court in Chicago this week for a civil trial for reneging on a profit-sharing deal with investors in his Trump International Hotel & Tower condo skyscraper.

"The primary thing is to build a great building,'' Trump told jurors, speaking broadly when talking about his business role in the building. "You can't fool people.''

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Trump's defense, CBS News reports, rests on Trump not having hands-on authority with the 92-story building and instead was more involved with macro-level planning - and thus oblivious to the deal's particulars.

Eighty-seven-year-old Jacqueline Goldberg filed the lawsuit after she bought two $1 million condos in 2006, alleging breach of contract and deceptive practices. She seeks $500,000 for the deposit and damages.

The profit-sharing arrangement was then pulled in 2009, two months before the hotel's opening.

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Goldberg's attorney Shelly Kulwin attacked Trump's business integrity in court.

"They made a deal and then they said, 'Surprise! No deal,' '' he said. Kulwin added that Trump's testimony was an "interesting infomercial."

Trump may have several days on the stand giving testimony. He has at least three other cases pending in other states with plaintiffs seeking to settle up real estate deals with Trump.

The Apprentice's finale is 9/8(c) Sunday on NBC.

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