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There was no shortage of heartbreaking stories to come out of Moore, Okla., this week, in the wake of a deadly tornado that left dozens of people dead and hundreds more homeless and/or injured. But amid the rubble, there was at least one uplifting moment when a woman reunited with her missing dog - while in the middle of a live interview for the evening news. In another unrelated yet equally gut-wrenching event this week, 18-year-old YouTube star Zach Sobiech lost his battle with bone cancer. In more lighthearted news, American Idol bid farewell to its last remaining original judge, Randy Jackson, and the keen viewers at CinemaSins assembled every continuity error in Jurassic Park into a three-minute video. Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Tornado Survivor Finds Missing Dog: A Moore, Okla., resident tells a news reporter about how she huddled in her home clutching her dog as the tornado struck Monday, and then woke up on the ground, surrounded by the rubble of what used to be her house. In the middle of her story, the news team spots the dog under a pile of rubble - shaken, but appearing to be otherwise uninjured.

Zach Sobiech - "Clouds": When Sobiech was told he had less than a year to live last June, he decided to say goodbye to his friends and family through music, writing a song called "Clouds" and posting it on YouTube in a video that quickly went viral. Sobiech lost his battle with bone cancer on Monday at the age of 18. Watch his video for "Clouds," as well as a star-studded tribute that was released earlier this month below, and view a short documentary about his story via SoulPancake here.

Zombie Parkour - The Flipping Dead: Zombies and parkour - two of the most badass things around. It's no surprise someone finally had the idea to combine the two fads into a genius freerunning video. But let's just hope that if they zombie apocalypse were ever to come, the undead wouldn't be half as agile. (via Tubefilter)

Randy Jackson's American Idol Farewell: After 12 seasons and countless "Yo, yo, yo!"s, Randy Jackson officially signed off of American Idol with last week's finale. Check out this tribute the show put together to say goodbye to the last remaining original judge on the panel.

Everything Wrong with Jurassic Park: Jurassic Park nostalgia reached a critical mass this year, with the release of the film's 3-D version. And while we'd make the argument that there's nothing wrong with the dinosaur flick, it turns out there are some technical inconsistencies. Hold on to your butts.

A Grizzy Ate My GoPro: This is exactly what it sounds like. Biologist Brad Josephs affixed his GoPro camera to a rock in Alaska to get up-close footage of wild grizzly bears, but little did he know just how close the footage would get. (via Tubefilter)

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