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It might be a while before your next trip to Llanview.

Prospect Park has suspended One Life to Live indefinitely while it settles a lawsuit with ABC, The Los Angeles Times reports. However, writers are still working on scripts for a second season of All My Children, which also migrated from TV to Hulu this year. Propsect Park CEO Jeff Kwantinetz told the paper that he hopes to resume production on AMC later this month.

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During the time between OLTL's TV finale and its online premiere, many of the soap's characters appeared on ABC's General Hospital. During this time, both Cole (Van Hughes) and Hope Thornhart (Caitlyn Buton) were killed in a car accident. In the lawsuit, Prospect Park argues that the characters were on loan to GH and ABC sabotaged OLTL's online reboot by killing them. ABC defended its creative decision to kill off the OLTL characters, saying that they "acted reasonably and in good faith at all times."

The lawsuit is the latest bump in the road in the two soaps' online revivals. In May, a month after their premieres, Prospect Park cut down their weekly episodes from four to two to avoid overloading fans with content. In June, the shows went on early hiatus due to a labor dispute that has since been resolved.

OLTL wrapped its first online season last month, while AMC's Season 1 finale was released Monday.

Do you hope OLTL returns? Was ABC wrong to kill off Cole and Hope?

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