The Farr Side: More unexpected for ‘Big Brother’

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By David T. Farr

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I’ve been a loyal “Big Brother” fan from the beginning. I haven’t missed an episode of the reality program, which is now in its 16th season on CBS.

I love the social experiment, if you will. Oh, and there is some money involved for the winner.

As Julie Chen and any ultimate “Big Brother” fan will you tell you, expect the unexpected. They aren’t kidding. Season 16 takes the cake for uncertainty, for both houseguests and viewers.

I was bummed to see Joey go home so quick. I believe her presence would have made the game more entertaining. I liked her spunk. Her dismissal left my only other favorite houseguest to fend for himself. Donny is an awesome guy and he’s playing the show’s best social game, maybe ever. I respect the man and the fact that he’s playing the game truthfully. He’s proof it can be done and still work.

Frankie might be gay, but in no way has he toned down anything about himself in the house. In fact, I would bet he’s himself, but in overdrive. If you’re watching the show, you’ll know what I meant by that.

Frankie has managed to bond closer to fellow male houseguests, whereas in the past players like him would have linked more with female houseguests.

Although the other males in the house have made it clear they’re heterosexual, Frankie has managed to work up some possible “showmances” that no one saw coming. Caleb “Beast Mode Cowboy,” Zach and even Cody have all dropped their guard in response to Frankie. It’s quite odd, really.

This group of “Big Brother” misfits has also included some of the most conniving players to play the game since Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. They haven’t a heart at all for someone’s feelings, which is another reason why Donny must win. Yeah, I get that this is a show, but still. Brittany, Amber and Nicole have all felt the wrath of Zach

Frankie’s loyalty was questioned this past week and the house was turned upside down. His alliance felt betrayed and most of the houseguests opted to target him for eviction. Caleb was so mad he even refused to work with him to remove them from the block. Frankie played the competition himself and won it for both himself and Caleb. It was great TV, for sure.

Frankie’s demeanor is different now and he’s opting to also inform the remaining houseguests that he is the brother to pop star Ariana Grande. Choosing to do so could prove beneficial to his game or possibly seal his fate.

I’m crossing my fingers Donny can make it to finale night in September. I know if it were up to America, Donny would win.

David T. Farr is a Sturgis, Michigan, Journal correspondent. Email him at farrboy@hotmail.com.

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