Haunted hotel didn't stop Hollywood movie actress from moving to Dunsmuir

Jessica Skropanic
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Actress Jet Jandreau

A Hollywood actress filming in Dunsmuir loved the North State so much, she moved here.

And she did it in spite of having haunting experiences similar to those her character faced in her latest movie, a horror film shot in Hotel California Dunsmuir.

Jet Jandreau stars in the feature-length film "Hotel Dunsmuir," shot on location in the historic hotel and on location throughout southern Siskiyou County. The film wrapped in spring 2020, two days into the COVID pandemic shutdown.

The supernatural thriller tells the story of Billie (Jandreau) who stops at the hotel while fleeing from her abusive husband Luke (Jose Rosete). Billie leaves the hotel after a disturbing experience, accompanied by Ruby, a hotel maid she befriended (Amber Gaston). As the two women leave Dunsmuir, they're pursued by Luke and something supernatural from the hotel.

Actress Jet Jandreau stars in the film "Dunsmuir Hotel," a horror/thriller shot on location in Siskiyou County.

The film earned filmmaker Michael Zaiko Hall — who has roots in Siskiyou County — an award for Best Director at the 17th annual Atlanta Horror Film Festival on Oct. 13-15.

While filming, Jandreau made a positive impression in Siskiyou County, North State Regional Film Commissioner Sabrina Jurisich said. "She is just really sweet and approachable." She and other out-of-area cast and crew "really developed relationships" with the community. "It’s the way we wish all filmmakers would be.”

Jandreau was born in Los Angeles and raised in California, Germany and Austria. Her early roles were in period pieces in German films, she said.

In her decade-long career — she started acting as a youth — Jandreau has racked up an impressive list of acting credits, including a second film she shot with Hall in Dunsmuir in 2021. Contemporary film noire "Peter Five Eight" is scheduled to hit theaters at the beginning of 2023. Jandreau plays a glamorous sales agent opposite Kevin Spacey and Rebecca De Mornay.

She came for the work, but stayed because of the people and scenery, said Jandreau, who now considers Dunsmuir her home and travels for work in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. "I'd never been to Northern California before. I fell in love with so many aspects of the area. I'd simply never ran into a town (Dunsmuir) filled with so many fascinating characters and fascinating vistas."

Among the people she found charming was Hotel California Dunsmuir owner and entrepreneur Mark Juarez. "He made the cast and crew breakfast" while we stayed at the hotel, Jandreau said. "He's very optimistic and he thinks outside of the box."

It was in her contract that she stay in the historic hotel while filming the horror movie, "even though it's old and haunted," Jandreau said.

Art, it turned out, imitated life.

The night she arrived, Jandreau removed all the throw pillows from the bed and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, she woke up to find some of them replaced on the bed, she said. “The director woke up to find the faucet going full blast. The makeup artist kept hearing knocking on the door. That was in the script."

But spirits of housekeeping past couldn’t dampen her enthusiasm for Dunsmuir, she said, shrugging off the experience. "That's where my heart lies."

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Jandreau plans to shoot more films in the North State, continuing her collaboration with director Hall, whose family lives in Siskiyou County. Future projects include a western, she said.