Arts Council honors dance instructor Tana Macy

Skye Kinkade
Weed's Tana Macy, center, was the recipient of the Siskiyou Arts Council's semi-annual Achievement Award for the work she does as owner of Siskiyou Dance Company. She was nominated by Mike Hunter, left, and was presented a $1,000 check by SAC executive director of operations Paula Reynolds, vice president Greg Messer and committee member Sydney Sloan at the SAC Gallery in Mount Shasta Wednesday of last week.

Tana Macy, owner of Siskiyou Dance Company in Weed, was recognized last week with Siskiyou Arts Council's semi-annual Achievement Award.

The award, which includes $1,000, honors her commitment to art in the community during the past 30 years.

Macy was nominated by Mike Hunter, who has children who participate in Macy's dance classes.

Hunter described Macy as tireless and enthusiastic and called attention to her many years working with Siskiyou County children.

"At the end of the school year, in May or June, she organizes a grand recital... in the College of the Siskiyous Ford Theater, so that her students may display their progress for family and friends," Hunter wrote in his nomination letter. "She decides a theme, choreographs most of the dances, arranges for costumes to be ordered or made, arranges music and promotion, and works with the college staff and/or students to prepare back drops and lighting."

Macy said she is calling next year's performance "Employment Line," featuring dancers portraying people working in their everyday jobs. She said she got the idea while sitting in the chair at her local beauty shop.

"I just started seeing this dance develop," said Macy, whose past productions have included "The Amazing Moving Museum," "Alice's Wacky Wonderland," and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

"It's such an honor," said Macy as she was handed a $1,000 check by SAC vice president Greg Messer, executive director of operations Paula Reynolds, and SAC committee member Sydney Sloan in the SAC Gallery last Wednesday in downtown Mount Shasta.

Messer told her the money can be used for anything she wishes, for a vacation or to help offset costs of her business.

"After doing this for 30 years and loving what I do... loving the kids and the moms and the dads and creating shows, it's an honor," said Macy. "I love seeing the kids grow up, and it's fun running into them later."

The Achievement Award is given twice each year to Siskiyou County artists who demonstrate spirit of creativity, heart and excellence in their work, while committing time and energy promoting the arts in their community. Nominations are evaluated and selected by the Grants and Gifts committee.

This year, the Siskiyou Arts Council's Grants and Gifts Program is celebrating its four year anniversary, said Greg Messer, vice president of the SAC board.

To date, $11,000 worth of Achievement Awards have been dispersed, as well as $4,900 in grants to self-nominating individuals in $100 increments.

Past recipients of the semi-annual Achievement Award include Jill Gardner, Victor Martin and Allison Scull, Tom Siebers, JJ Lewis and SPAC, Ralph Starrit, Sue Villarreal, Liberty Arts, the Mount Shasta Elementary School music program, Shon Bullock, Claudia Carpenter, Music by the Mountain, and Paula Reynolds.

The Grants and Gifts program is intended to assist artists in supplementing the costs for the incidentals that would otherwise not be affordable, for example, materials, tuition, transportation and support services.

For more information about the program or how to apply or nominate an artist, go to and look under the programs tab.