Naturalist and artist presents 'Birds of a Feather' at SAM

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Mount Shasta Herald
Crows by Tamar Assaf will be part of the Birds of a Feather show at Siskiyou Arts Museum in Dunsmuir. The show is scheduled to run through June 26. Submitted

An opening reception for artist Tamar Assaf’s “Birds of a Feather” multi-media exhibition is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Siskiyou Arts Museum gallery in downtown Dunsmuir.

The show features crows, flamingos and ducks depicted in close-up cropped compositions. Assaf, according to a SAM press release, “harnesses her education in the natural sciences and art to express her views on the human influence on nature.”

Assaf’s painting or sculpting is described in the release as the culmination of a long process. She makes a decision to study a particular species and starts the process by taking photographs of the animal. She studies the photographs looking for the essence that defines the animal.

“When I look at an animal, I look at what distinguishes it: the color, a gesture, a pattern,” Assaf states in the release. “I ask myself how small a piece of the animal can you paint and still deliver the notion of the animal without getting the whole picture. Some animals are easy to deliver. Others are more difficult.”

Once Assaf settles on the part of the animal to paint, she takes thousands of photos of that part.

For the Birds of a Feather show, visitors will see how Assaf uses painting, sculpture and short movies.

Birds of a Feather will continue at SAM through June 26.

For more information go to, visit the SAM Facebook page, or call 235-4711.