A chance to watch artists 'Paint Off' in Mount Shasta

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
This photograph by Chuck Prudhomme will be the basis for a “Paint Off” featuring local artists June 18 at The Gallery in Mt. Shasta.

The Gallery In Mt. Shasta invites everyone to watch a “Paint Off” on Saturday, June 18 from 4 to 7 p.m.

Artists Willo Balfrey, Dharma Cohen, Gail Domanski, Chuck Prudhomme and Stephen Woolery will be painting side by side in the upstairs gallery. Each artist, in their own style, will do a painting based on a photograph of Mt. Shasta by Prudhomme.

“This is a rare opportunity to see technique in action, and watch work in progress,” according to a Gallery press release.

The Gallery provided the following information about the artists:

Willo Balfrey is a representational artist specializing in landscapes done in oils and pastels. With more than 18 years as a professional artist and 16 years under Master Pastelist Richard McKinley, she has extensive training in fine art, having won a variety of awards, in addition to features in magazines such as Pastel Journal. She has also earned the title “Master Circle Pastelist” from the International Association Of Pastel Societies. Only 50 artists around the world have been given this award. Not only is she an internationally renowned artist, she is also well-loved locally.

Dharma Cohen is an author, artist and visionary. She does crystal healing sessions, retreats and oil paintings. Her vibrant, expressionistic paintings utilize color and texture to capture the beauty she sees in the natural world. Dharma focuses on landscapes and has recurring themes of wildflowers, water, scenic views of Mount Shasta and the many breathtaking aspects of the Hawaiian Islands. Dharma is unique in that her work is done with a palette knife, a fun style to see executed in person, and one that results in a dynamic finished product.

Gail Domanski worked for the US Forest Service for about 20 years, mostly in fire suppression. It was a circuitous route through several Forests that led her to beautiful Mt.Shasta, California. It was during this time she started to create art again, her childhood love. The effects of distance and light, layers of mountainous terrain and rivers awakened in her a desire to capture that beauty. Once she tried oils she was captivated by the bright, buttery textures. Today she creates murals, portrait, floral, landscape, animal and when it moves her, abstraction.

Chuck Prudhomme is interested in documenting and sharing a moment in time of that space between mankind and nature. He travels extensively looking for that ray of breaking light, a weather-beaten factory, an old dairy farm, a vibrant street scene or a dramatic coastal sunset. Chuck is primarily an en plein air painter where he attempts to capture the spirit of the place in a loose painterly fashion rather than a photo realistic replica. He enjoys bright vibrant colors and thick paint application where one can see the brush strokes and feel the energy of what caught his eye to begin with. Chuck feels he is “a story teller with a brush.”

Stephen Woolery is drawn to painting because he wants to capture and convey the wonder he has always had for nature’s incredible beauty and majesty whether it is a dramatic sky, a powerful seascape or a serene, bucolic landscape. It is always about the play of light, and this pursuit is his life’s passion. He feels that every attempt isn’t successful; none is ever totally satisfactory but the process is always enjoyable even if sometimes frustrating. Regardless, it always enlightens him and he enjoys learning.