New book chronicles UFO, yeti sightings around Mt. Shasta

Skye Kinkade

Local author Brian Wallenstein's book regarding UFOs, yetis and other otherworldly phenomena, "Mount Shasta Sightings," has been published and is now available at

Wallenstein said Mount Shasta is a hotspot for UFO sightings. His book explores the history and background of such sightings which have been reported to the Mutual UFO Network, Project Blue-Book and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

"We found blacked-out, classified sightings, were able to get current testimony and findings to some of the most shocking events never disclosed until now," Wallenstein said.

An article about Wallenstein's effort to collect such stories from the Mt. Shasta area was published in the Los Angeles Times last year. "Odd accounts and strange tales orbit around Shasta" became very popular and was shared online from coast to coast and internationally.

Wallenstein said he spent a full day with the article's author, reporter Lee Romney, touring the Mt. Shasta area and talking about the unusual occurrences that are experienced here.

His book "synthesizes the local phenomena to the larger pattern existing on our planet that can only bring us to the startling conclusion that we are not alone on this planet, or in the universe," Wallenstein said.

"This is all about opening the mind to other possibilities," he said. "We become very narrow minded in our assumptions of how the world works, and anything a person sees that challenges that comfort zone and our belief system can throw us."

Among the stories recounted in his book is the account of a Dunsmuir couple who saw a spacecraft hovering over the St. Germain Foundation property in 1991 while lounging in their hot tub on their back porch. He also tells the story of the UFO reportedly seen in McCloud in 2008 (that sighting made it into the Mount Shasta Herald, he noted.)

He talks about the sighting of a family of yetis at the old ski lodge on Mt. Shasta (a male, a female and a juvenile with wide amber-colored eyes) and stories of portals in Mt. Shasta into what Wallenstein refers to as "inner space."

Also contained in the book are sightings Wallenstein said have never before been revealed, including those involving local police officers, Forest Service employees and people from all walks of life.

Wallenstein also talks about a past president who has allegedly visited Mars several times and was educated in Siskiyou County by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Mars Visitation Program.

"Some of these experiences were deliberately blacked out for their indisputable credibility," he said.

Wallenstein said he sees the agenda of these UFOs, or, as he refers to them, "off-Worlders," is to "assist us to recall our origins and find a deeper connection to our galactic home... Unfortunately this data does little good if there are systems in place to stop the dissemination of this beneficial information, by those who for their own reasons, desire to keep our race in the dark.

"Some of the reasons for non-disclosure are examined in the book, from already found artifacts of our parent Off-World race, their long standing presence here and on the moon, being kept from us deliberately by the secret space program, which is only skimming the surface."

Wallenstein was assisted in the writing of the book by Pamela Padula.

"Mount Shasta Sightings" is available online at for the retail price of $29.99.

For more information about the book, contact Wallenstein at (530) 926-6459 or email him at