Music and Ol' Saint Nick in McCloud

Shareen Strauss
Kristen Harris said she was “especially happy” because she got to sit on Santa's lap on her 7th birthday during McCloud's Christmas festivities Friday night.

Celebrating the Christmas season in McCloud, the McCloud Volunteer Fire Department with sirens and lights, drove Santa up and down the town streets on the evening of Friday, Dec. 4 reminding people it was that time of year to head down to Main Street to visit with Ol’ Saint Nick.

Prior to Santa’s arrival, Christmas carols led by the McCloud Girl Scout Troop No. 70221 accompanied by a festive flock of people bundled for the cold enjoying the holiday spirit.

The first job for Santa when he stepped off the fire engine was to head over to the big tree across from the McCloud Heritage Junction Museum where the gathering took place. He pointed at the tree and it the lights came on. As kids sought out hugs from Santa, he took his seat in the museum to hear what he is expected to bring down the chimneys for McCloud children.

Little toy holiday figures and candy canes were handed out to children waiting their turn to sit on Santa’s lap. Hot drinks and homemade cookies were offered on the porch of the museum. Marshmallows on sticks to roast at the fire pit outside were shared as people huddled for warmth.

All children present were entered in a drawing for a $150 gift certificate donated by the McCloud Outdoor Store. This year’s winning ticket went to fourth grader Jamie Hunt. The McCloud Chamber of Commerce along with the McCloud Heritage Junction Museum sponsored this event.

While many visited and shared in the festive night, one child wanted to remind us “of the true meaning of Christmas.”

Jaden Quiring, age 12, said, “This is about Jesus Christ and that he was born and died for our sins. At Christmas, like at Thanksgiving, we are suppose to spend time with our family and think about all our blessings and Jesus Christ. It feels like not enough people know this.” After visiting with Santa, Quiring added, “Mary Christmas to the whole world.”

After the Christmas festivities on Main Street, families headed up to the McCloud Mercantile’s Great Room to enjoy a play geared for the whole family. Ken Ludwig’s “Twas The Night Before Christmas” featuring The Christmas Belles was action packed, feet tapping, even a little crazy but mostly enjoyably funny.

Some of the holiday songs were sung rap style along with traditional Christmas hymns. The animation of the characters with their props including a snowball fight and a plane flight drew children’s attention and kept them in awe through the whole performance.

The silliness of the double charactered mouse named Amos, a Jewish elf who led the way to Santa's North Pole workshop, and Kevin the Pigeon along with all the other cast kept the audience on the edge of their seats wondering what was next. Even the set crew had wacky humorous parts on stage to make the audience laugh.

Director Bennett Gale with the New Frontier Theatre Company, says, “Our mission is to become a fully staffed theater and educational facility for the performing and film/video arts, creating important educational, cultural and economic opportunity for our country. Currently we are raising funding to purchase a building to house our theater and classrooms.”

New Frontier Theatre company is a 501c3 non-profit corporations. For more information on their programs go to or call (530) 232-5431.