Celebrating legal cannabis sales in downtown Weed on 4/20

Steve Gerace
A cake at La Florista Cannabis in downtown Weed where the city's first two legal cannabis dispensaries are holding celebrations on 4/20.

Preparations were underway in downtown Weed this morning for the first celebration on 4/20 of legal cannabis sales in the city.

Elizabeth Tabor of La Florista Cannabis was planning to start the celebration at noon with music, free snow cones and food specials, including a cake and hors d’oeuvres.

Dr. Patrick Riley of Canna Trading Co. was preparing to open at 4:20 p.m. on 4-20.

The two medical cannabis dispensaries are across the street from each other on Main Street in Weed.

La Florista opened for business in mid-January, and Canna Trading opened a couple weeks ago. They have the only two permits the city of Weed has made available for medical cannabis dispensaries.

La Florista is in the building at 242 Main Street that previously housed Edgewood Custom Interiors furniture store.

Canna Trading Co. is in the building at 241 Main Street that sits back off the road. On a wall inside his store, Riley displays the results of research that shows the building was originally the storefront of a herb and medicine trading company that was located behind the Cal Club bar owned by longtime Weed resident Don Cordero.

Work is underway to convert the property in front of the Canna Trading Co. building into a courtyard.

Riley said he purchased the rights to the Canna Trading Co. name, which began in 1905.

The Weed City Council recently approved a resolution that will allow its dispensaries to sell adult use (recreational) cannabis. Tabor said she expects to have her permit for adult use sales in the near future.