Home Help: Refresh a tired ceiling

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Tip of the Week

Many homeowners don’t consider ceilings part of their interior design, and it shows. But savvy do-it-yourselfers are converting these blank canvases into interesting and functional design elements that can accent a room’s decor and create a brighter or cozier space. Here are her to boost your home’s value while achieving DIY gratification:

* Warm up with wood - Wood flooring is popular because it can warm up a room and add character. The same goes for ceilings. Real or engineered wood panels can extend your sense of style in any room.

* Go beyond plain vanilla - Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, or a shade lighter, can make a small room feel larger. A bright color can enliven a child’s room, while a sky blue ceiling creates a more soothing ambiance.

* Embrace metal - Consider today’s pressed-metal ceiling tiles. They’re far easier to install than their antique ancestors, and the light-bouncing properties of copper, brass and lacquered steel can help raise the ceiling visually in any room.

— Brandpoint

Home-Selling Tip

Touch up the mulch

Before showing your house, invest some time in adding a fresh layer of mulch to garden beds, around trees, etc. The neat appearance and bright color will make the yard appear in better shape and well cared for.

Did You Know

A better lawn

Landscaping improvements are among the best updates a homeowner can make. The cost of freshening up a worn lawn is often entirely recouped at resale time, according to

Decorating Tip

No more popcorn

Modern plank ceilings can be installed directly on top of old “popcorn” ceilings, saving the trouble and mess of having to scrape and remove the outdated material

— Brandpoint

Garden Guide

Ready for the rains

As the dry summer months begin to wind down, now is a good time to dethatch and aerate lawns in preparation for autumn’s rain showers. Don’t rake up the plugs removed by a core aerator, as they will decompose on their own in two or three weeks and will return nourishment to the soil as they do.