Internet comedy continues in memory of castmember

Skye Kinkade
Dustin Wood, Darren Barbieri, Bill Counts, and Kale and Cory Coppin are returning stars of the internet comedy, Almost Out of Weed. They'll be joined by new cast members Claryssa Corona-Russ, Christina Pistorius, Shannon Marie Cheula, Noah Gonzalez, Heather Kerttula, Emmanuel Blanchard-Kabat and Edward Salyka for the second half of the third season. 
Photo contributed by Johnny Sypraseuth

Several new actors have joined the cast of the locally filmed internet comedy "Almost Out of Weed," which is continuing in memory of cast member Nick LeGuellec, who died unexpectedly in June.

New additions to the show are Claryssa Corona-Russ, Christina Pistorius, Shannon Marie Cheula, Noah Gonzalez, Heather Kerttula, Emmanuel Blanchard-Kabat and Edward Salyka.

They'll join Dustin Wood, Darren Barbieri, Cory and Kale Coppin and Bill Counts in the show, in which Dustin's character now lives with his former high school bully, Darren, who is fresh out of prison. They decide to write a movie together to become famous and get out of Weed.

Wood, who created the show in 2009, said LeGuellec was always the show's "biggest supporter." He passed away midway through season three when the cast took a break to write new episodes.

"Darren and I wanted to end the show for good after Nick's death because it felt almost wrong to do it without him," Wood said. "But after talking it out with Nick's mom, Paula Reynolds, she pointed out that Nick would want this show to go on and we agreed.

"To say Nick will be missed is an understatement. Not just missed as a co-star but as a best friend. Nick's humor, talent and friendship is something that I will never forget," said Wood. "Nick inspires me more than ever to make this show the best it can be. To put as much effort and heart into it that he did. Every single episode is a tribute to the talented person that Nick was, on and off camera."

There are 12 episodes written for the rest of the season,  Wood said, the first of which debuted last week. A new episode of the edgy comedy, which Wood refers to as a "mockumentary," are planned to be released every other Friday.

All the new cast members are "super talented" in a variety of ways, including singing, dancing, writing, directing and acting, said Wood.

"The most experienced of the new castings has to be Christina Pistorius, a mainstay in Siskiyou County's acting community," Wood said. "Christina will be joining the show for Season three and four and beyond. Her credits include "The Foreigner," "The Imaginary Invalid," "The Vagina Monologues," and many more. The cast and crew are very excited to work with somebody of Christina's caliber."

"I'm excited to start working on a web series," said Pistorius. "They are technology's newest way of delivering entertainment to the public, and I'm looking forward to working in this type of broadcasting, especially with the cast and crew we have."

"I'm very excited to work with so many talented people, and it's a huge honor to be a part of the show," said Cheula.

Corona-Russ said the show will be "a great learning opportunity for me as a new, young actor."

"I finally get to show sides of myself that other people assume don't exist," said Kerttula. "I have the opportunity to show people that somebody like me can be manly or funny or even crude! This show gives you the platform to do that."

Past and new episodes of the show can be found online in three places: on Facebook at; on Youtube at and at

Like HBO's Eastbound and Down, Almost Out of Weed contains edgy, adult humor and is not intended for children or those who are easily offended.