Wesak celebrates 20 years in Mount Shasta

Skye Kinkade

Tickets  are now on sale for the 20th annual Wesak celebration, to be held in Mount Shasta May 9 through 11 at the City Park’s upper lodge.

The theme this year is “bringing sacred back,” said organizer Dawn Fazende.

Headlining this year’s event are Kathlyn Kingdon, hypnotherapist and channel for the ascended master Djwhal Kuhl; and “Toltec Master of Transformation” don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

“In order to take advantage of the powerful energies flooding the planet during this sacred time of year, Wesak has always been designed as an intensive,” said Fazende. Participants spent most of Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday immersed in presentations from Wesak speakers in the park’s upper lodge. A vendor fair, located in a building nearby is open to the public.

Inside, tarot readings and reflexology sessions, gems, crystals, herbal tinctures, clothing, jewelry and more are available for purchase.

The annual event, which is a fundraiser for South Siskiyou Meals on Wheels, attracts international visitors to Siskiyou County, said Fazende.

Tickets are available for purchase at Soul Connections in Mount Shasta and online at www.wesak.us

This year, those who have contacts outside the Mount Shasta area are invited to become “Wesak affiliates,” said Fazende. For every full-price ticket they sell, they will get $50. To learn more about how to become an affiliate, call (530) 926-5500 or email msmag@bestweb.net.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Ruiz leads workshops, retreats and power journeys to help others to achieve their own personal freedom and optimal physical and spiritual health.

Ruiz said he has been to Mount Shasta before, in 2002, and is looking forward to visiting again.

“I got a chance to hike around Mt. Shasta, swim in the lake and have a cup of coffee in a shop downtown where there was a young musician playing the guitar and singing a fine tune,” Ruiz said. “It was a very special visit, since I had never seen anything as beautiful before in my life, and I was there with someone I loved. I have been to Mt. Shasta since then, but passing through on my way to Seattle or Portland, so it will be my first real visit since those summer days in 2002.

“I am looking forward to seeing good friends of mine who just moved into the area, as well as spending some more time getting to know the community of Mt.Shasta and see how it has changed since I was there,” Ruiz continued. “What I loved most about it, is the peace that Mt. Shasta allows a person to be in when they are processing something in life.”

Ruiz said he is always excited to share his family’s oral tradition, and every time he does it is “a special moment in time because I am alive to be able to express it.”

“To share it at the Wesak Celebration in the wonderful community of Shasta... is a special honor, especially when we are fundraising for such a wonderful program that supports the community. Sharing the Toltec Tradition is being able to share with everyone instruments that allows us to once again regain awareness of our authentic self, and thus begin to let go of our attachments that bring conditional love into our lives, and begging to live life with the awareness that we are the expression of unconditional love. We are alive to be able to make that shift happen in our life, this is what this tradition is all about. To enjoy life and be able to express that love with awareness.”

Ruiz said Wesak is significant to hime because it is “a moment of alignment with divinity, which is to say, with life.”

Other presenters

Here is a little about the other presenters planned for Wesak 2014:

Kathlyn L. Kingdon, esteemed channel for the ascended master Djwhal Kuhl, a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, co-founder of Madison Street Counseling Center, Women's Mysteries Tours, the Rocky Mountain Enneagram Center and The Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd., is a true renaissance woman. Her lifetime achievements hold distinction in multiple professional fields.

An internationally recognized energy healer since 1978, Roger Ford is fully committed to developing the spiritual and personal growth of others interested in alternative healing methods. He actively encourages the link between the medical profession and alternative practitioners to take an integrated holistic approach to health – conventional and complementary therapies working together for the good of the patient. Roger lives and teaches his deeply held conviction that “Each one of us has the ability to heal ourselves and others.”

Living a life defined by passionate self-expression and authentic joy is something Kim Vincent not only trains others to do, but fully embodies her. Kim has proven change does not need to be slow, difficult and painful. Rather, changes happen by a process that Kim has developed through years of working with thousands of people and adapting proven methods of change such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing. The result is a delightful, simple and immediate process of change that is so effective, it feels magical.

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., is the is the author of eight books including the newly released The Art of Living Out Loud and is the Bestselling author of Touching the Light, The Secret History of Consciousness, the International Bestseller The Children of Now, The Living Light Cards and other great books. She is also the author of the “Online Messages” and a contributor to bestselling The Mystery of 2012 Anthology. Blackburn is the creator of the Touching the Light Healing Modality and offers Certification courses.

Tom Mercer has been a featured lecturer on his unique water research techniques for the Energy Frontiers International. He has taught seminars at Black Hills State University, South Dakota and Hypercharged water research at the Black Hills School of Mines and Technology, along with dozens of health expos and seminars around the US Tom lectured at the prestigious invitation-only World Science Conference at the International Forum on New Sciences on “High Energy Water Physics,” sponsored by Colorado State University and the Noetic Society International. His original lecture minutes are available for personal research.

Dolphin Star Temple President (after the passing last year of Amorah Quan Yin) Keiko Anaguchi is a well-known spiritual counselor, consultant and public speaker in Japan. She is also a spiritual entrepreneur. Keiko can manifest a spiritual message in a realistic form. Over the past 15 years she has trained 5,000 people to be spiritual counselors. She leads spiritual tours to Mt. Shasta and Sedona in the US, as well as to Southern France, England, Peru, and other power spots.

Saryon is a web author, channel, and international speaker whose workshops, conferences, and private readings have touched the lives of people throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Saryon’s lifelong devotion to the practice of channeling has led to extraordinary breakthroughs in consciousness that have helped make the angelic realms a much more accessible experience for his audience.

From an early age, Mirjam Temba has had a passion for art, traveling, studying, learning about life. She was born clairvoyant and has, since childhood, been connected to the invisible world which she share through her art.