WeedFest 2015 raised $thousands

Deborra Brannon
WeedFest 2015 producer Jimmy Limo on the outdoor festival stage ready to make some music with his band Holy Smoke! It was a reunion for the band that last played together in Hawaii.

WeedFest 2015 was “the best fundraiser that Weed Pride has ever had,” according to Weed city councilor and Weed Pride member Ken Palfini.

Produced at the Mt. Shasta Brewing Company by musician Jimmy Limo with help from Weed Pride and other community members, the event drew between 300 and 400 participants and grossed about $4,600.

“Hats off to Jimmy. Without him this just wouldn’t have happened,” Palfini said.

Limo said his Facebook post to promote the event reached more than 20,000.

People from Redding and Medford showed up along with lots of Siskiyou County residents to hear the nine bands, enjoy food and drinks, browse the event vendors, and take a chance on raffle prizes.

“The bands just rocked. They were great – exceeded all expectations,” Limo said.

It was hot at WeedFest 2015, but there was lots of shade as well as the indoor bistro for cooling off. Sound engineers made sure the sound was mixed well and the bands could be heard clearly without being overwhelmingly loud.

Kids visited Korn Dogg Klown’s booth for balloon animals and face painting and sought out a fairy godmother who brought her magic wand into play for their wishes.

Members of the Siskiyou Roller Derby were on hand to help when needed and sell raffle tickets, and members of the Siskiyou Motorcycle Association stayed to help clean the facility when the last band was done.

Palfini expressed tremendous gratitude for Mt. Shasta Brewing Company owner Vaune Dillmann’s generosity in donating the insured, fenced venue and personnel to serve brewery beverages and food. He said Dillmann has indicated he will make a cash donation to Weed Pride as well.

The event is the second WeedFest produced by Limo. After the first one, in 2013, Limo said Palfini and Weed mayor Bob Hall approached him and asked him to make it an annual tradition.

Limo had to skip a year, but brought the event back this year and now looks forward to producing it annually.

Net proceeds from this year’s event have been earmarked for Weed Pride’s Heritage Plaza project on Main Street downtown.

Hall said he’s suggested WeedFest 2016 be held in one of the parks and perhaps be expanded.

Palfini said when he hears such enthusiasm right after a big event, “I’d deem it a success. We’re reviewing how this went, what we can keep or do differently next year. There may be room for expansion, but we need to remember WeedFest 2015 was successful because of the way we did it this year.”