Art inspired by Alaska opens Saturday in Dunsmuir gallery

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Sarah Beaty creates high fired ceramics above the Arctic Circle in Fort Yukon, Alaska using a wood kiln.

 In the new show titled “Form” at Siskiyou Arts Museum in Dunsmuir, Eloise Larson and Sarah Beaty share their knowledge of life in Alaska and attempt with the art they make to answer a question:

“We recognize a form, name it and then create a world in response to it,” said Larson. “What if we did not name these forms we encounter?”

SAM has scheduled a Second Saturday Opening for the show April 9 from 5 to 7 p.m.

“Form” features work inspired by the time Larson, a painter, printmaker and writer, and ceramicist Sarah Beaty each spent living and working in remote Alaska.

Beaty, according to a press release, “has focused on the notion of Alaskana in her recent pottery, communicating her experience as a transplant to a Gwich’in community off the road and above the Arctic Circle. She aims to convey a sense of place and of contrasts, producing work that is generous and light, rarified but common, beautiful though not serious.” 

For “Form,” Beaty created new pieces that are “as poetic as her geography is.”

Larson, working, in paint and in print, “seeks to express the deep stillness she experienced living in the expansive landscape of Alaska. Living contemplatively, seemingly unrelated images grasped her attention, lining up to teach her about existence.

“Presenting this ‘big data’ in her work, she asks her audience to pause and sit within it and perhaps see a connection.”

“It is all there, always,” Larson said.

Harpist Ann Johnson and guitarist Michael Yee will provide music for the opening reception.

Form will be on display in the SAM gallery through June 4. For more information call SAM at 235-4711 or visit