Ski Park celebrates 31st anniversary with 'grand display'

Liz Pyles
A large crowd watching from the lodge patio erupted in cheers during the finale of the Mt. Shasta Ski Park's fireworks show celebrating their 31st anniversary Saturday night, Jan. 28, 2017.

Hunter Johnson asked his dad, Chuck, to take him to the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Saturday night, not for night skiing, but to see fireworks. He was not disappointed.

Celebrating its 31st Anniversary, the Ski Park put on an exciting 10-minute fireworks show for a large crowd gathered on the lodge patio. With live music inside and a fire burning in a pit outside, the group was festive and upbeat.

Taking videos and grinning ear to ear, Johnson, a Sisson School sixth grader, said enthusiastically, “I liked it! It was fun.”

Marcus Taylor said it was a “grand display, fire and ice at its fiercest.”

Taylor is from New Zealand and is attending college at Bethel in Redding. He was at the Ski Park with his girlfriend, Marianna McGinnity, a Bethel student from North Dakota, and friend Wilson Karalus of New Zealand, who is now living in Portland.

They came up for a night of snowboarding and felt lucky to see fireworks. “It was beautiful,” said McGinnity.

During the show, skiers and snowboarders were stopped on runs above the launch site that was set up at the top of the surface lift.

Cheers erupted from the crowd during the show’s spectacular finale.

McGinnity said she doesn’t usually get excited about fireworks, but did during the finale. Taylor said the finale was “pretty cool.”

Karalus said they like the Ski Park because it has a “nice little local feel.”

Taylor added that they liked the $20 night sessions. He said they are students and the price makes snowboarding affordable.

Hunter has been learning to ski through his school’s ski program and the Ski Park’s learning center. As for his dad, he said he hasn’t skied in years, but thinks he will have to get back into it so he can ski with his son.