The sound of music travels far on Mt. Shasta

Liz Pyles
Los Torres, a band from Riverside, Calif., recorded a music video at the old Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta Monday, Sept 4, 2017. Left to right are band members Nestor, Andres Torres, Juan Torres, and Armando Torres. By Liz Pyles

The music, singing, and shouts from the band Los Torres could be heard from the top of Grey Butte, about a mile as the crow flies from the old Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta.

Three Torres brothers and a friend from Riverside, Calif., were recording a live music video Monday evening, Sept. 4. While setting up their equipment using electricity from their RV, about a dozen people visiting the area at an elevation of more than 7,800 feet, stopped to listen. The air was mostly clear of the smoke from north state wildfires, and Mt. Shasta was highlighted by the setting sun.

See a video clip of Los Torres on Mt. Shasta 

Juan Torres, the oldest brother, said they play Mexican music known as Norteno Banda for the accordion and tuba. They blended those instruments with the guitar and drums. Juan said they write their own songs and Andres, the youngest brother, sings in English as well as Spanish.

The band stopped in the area while traveling home to Riverside after playing shows in Oregon and Washington. Their aunt, Esperanza Nuñez, recently moved to Mount Shasta with her husband Herberto and three youngest children. She said she loves the mountain and encouraged the band to shoot the music video at the old Ski Bowl. The band is promoting their love song Sin Exagerar (meaning Without Exaggeration).

The boys have been singing together for eight years. The Torres brothers used to sing with their mom, Teresa Perez, and sisters. Perez, who is also their manager, was helping with the music video Monday night.

Los Torres has more than 180,500 followers on Facebook and can also be found on YouTube and Instagram.