New 'Mulan' trailer brings honor to us all as Yifei Liu saves her country

Rasha Ali

Disney released a new trailer on Thursday for its upcoming live-action "Mulan," where fans get to see Yifei Liu in action as the titular character. 

The new trailer, which follows July's teaser, takes a serious approach to the Disney animated original. Fans will notice there is no "good luck" cricket or talking Mushu dragon in this live-action remake, at least as far as this trailer shows.

We still see Mulan stepping in to take the place of her father to serve in the Imperial Army against the country's invaders. 

"It is my duty to protect my family," Mulan says in the trailer, before footage shows her riding off to join the men in the military.

Mulan (Yifei Liu) rides into battle in "Mulan"

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What ensues is a myriad of thrilling action scenes with Mulan training alongside her fellow army men, wielding a sword, dodging arrows and fighting.

Slated for release March 27,  and directed by Niki Caro, the live-action adaptation follows Hua Mulan, the fearless young daughter of aged warrior Fa Zhou. Mulan impersonates a man to take her father's place during a Hun invasion and becomes one of China's greatest heroines.

The film's star (also known as Crystal Liu) was announced for the lead role in November, following a yearlong search of five continents that looked at nearly 1,000 candidates.

Joining Liu in "Mulan" is “Star Wars: Rogue One” standout Donnie Yen as the warrior's mentor Commander Tung. Jason Scott Lee stars as the villainous warrior Bori Khan. Gong Li (“Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Raise the Red Lantern”) will portray a villainous witch and Jet Li (“Shaolin Temple,” “Lethal Weapon 4”) stars as The Emperor who calls up the troops.

Contributing: Hannah Yasharoff, Bryan Alexander