Beautiful venue, 'Lovely' music

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Both Hoy Park in Lake Shastina and singer Karen Lovely drew rave reviews after she and her band performed there for the June 14 opening event in the 2013 Scott Valley Bank Summer Concert Series.

When it comes to concerts, longtime area musician Keith Anderson has been there and is still doing that.

One of several hundred audience members at the first concert in the 2013 Scott Valley Bank summer series at Hoy Park in Lake Shastina Friday evening, Anderson was impressed.

"The event was very well attended," he said. "The venue had plenty of grassy lawn for the audience to enjoy both the entertainment and their own 'space.' The efforts of Scott Valley Bank, Lake Shastina Community Services District and Home Owner's Associations, Lake Shastina Public Works, Meyer Irrigation Specialists, and Mercy Lake Shastina Community Clinic to provide this free concert for the community to enjoy is greatly appreciated. Karen Lovely and each of her band members were very professional and talented. Their music had people dancing in the grass with the first song to the last."

Lovely, who previously lived in the Ashland/Medford area and now is in Portland, sang her blues with a band featuring musicians from Medford, Portland, and San Francisco.

Val Jareb, Scott Valley Bank's VP/Marketing Director, wrote in an email that some fans came from southern Oregon for the Lake Shastina concert.

"I was with Karen when she spoke with some of those fans who were awed by the view in the park," Jareb noted.

She also pointed to the way Lovely engages her audience, including the children who were dancing in front of the stage. She even invited a few of them up on stage to dance.

"Now, I can't say that we encourage attendees up on the stage, but sometimes you just have to have fun," Jareb said. "An experience like that can be a confidence builder and create a budding performer!"

The "joyful playfulness" of the event "is what this is all about for us," said Jareb. "We just want to bring some musical enrichment and just plain ol' fun to our communities. It's a beautiful thing!"

She also praised the beauty of Hoy Park. "The Lake Shastina Community Services District and all their related support (and John McCarthy) take care of so much that it makes our job simple," Jareb said. "We just bring the talent and the sound technician! The City of Yreka makes the use of the stage possible. It is a wonderful collaborative event."

The next five concerts in the series, beginning with guitarist Craig Chaquico this Friday, are scheduled to be held in Yreka' Miner Street Park (see page 1 of this week's In The Spotlight section). The series returns to Hoy Park Aug. 2 for a concert by The Cheeseburgers.