Mega Buzz: Castle's Daddy Issues, Fringe's Finale, and a Person of Interest Pickle

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I can't wait to meet Rick's dad on Castle this February! Got any more intel? - Jeannie

ADAM: You may be waiting longer than you think for that meeting. Although creator Andrew W. Marlowe confirms that there will be some further exploration of Castle's father come February sweeps, he certainly isn't the focus of the episodes. "I would not characterize the two-parter as being about his dad," Marlowe says. "Hopefully we can find a great and elegant way to embrace Castle's father's mythology in a way that's going to be exciting."

I can't believe there are only three episodes of Fringe left! Got any scoop on how it all ends? - Marc

NATALIE: As the two "good" Observers, September/Donald and Michael, help Walter piece together his plan, we'll get an interesting look at the origins of the fedora-wearing baldies. It's a history slightly reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica. (Oh, and did we mention that Walter has a nude scene?)

What's going to happen on Person of Interest now that Reese is in the FBI's custody? -Evan

ADAM: While Reese likely has some tricks up his sleeve - after all, he is one of four men who could be the "man in a suit" - he'll most likely rely on the help of his teammates. Or so he might think. "Just because Reese is locked up... the numbers never stop coming," executive producer Jonathan Nolan says. As such, we'll be "watching Finch try to spin plates" as he goes undercover as a substitute teacher to protect the next person of interest. And Carter? She may not be much help either now that she's joined the FBI task force. "[Agent] Donnelly's well aware of Carter's history as an interrogator in Iraq," executive producer Greg Plageman says. "Now that he has Reese in custody, it's going to be very interesting to see how Carter's enlisted in playing both sides of the fence."

Totally freaking out over theOnce Upon a Timelogline that says Regina will kill someone in Storybrooke! What's going on? - Tina

NATALIE: Good news and bad news, starting with the latter. "We can tell you that Regina will be accused of killing one of Storybrooke's characters," executive producer Edward Kitsis confirms. But not so fast! "There's always more than meets the eye. What we shall see is what and how." As for the who, I'm concerned about the episode's title

How will Tyler react to Klaus killing his friends and mother onThe Vampire Diaries? - Sarah

NATALIE: Not well. But don't expect him to go cry about it. "Tyler's not going to stand and take it," Michael Trevino tells us. "It's the realization that he had his one chance of attacking Klaus and that didn't work, which is disheartening, [but now] he has to go for broke and figure out a way to do it, whether it's gathering people to align with again or going at it by himself."

I can't believePiper Perabo is going to be onGo On! Can you tell me more about her character? - Jeff

ADAM: The Covert Affairsstar will play Simone, a former member of the grief counseling group who joined after her dance career was cut short. She returns after she's left at the altar, and Ryan doesn't like sharing the spotlight with her. When he tells the group to pick him or Simone, she offers to take him out to change his mind. Nothing like a couple of drinks and a game of truth-or-dare to win your enemy over!

I hate Sally Langston! How long will she be president onScandal? - Francesca

NATALIE: If Mellie has anything to say about it, not too long. In fact, the First Lady may employ illegal - and even treasonous - means to make sure the dragon lady doesn't stay in power. But this time around, you'll actually be rooting for Fitz's wife. Plus: Expect to get an answer to this soon.

I'm excited for Dallas to come back, but sad to see Larry Hagman go. What can you tell us about J.R. in the new season? - Jessica

ADAM: The early episodes don't make it immediately clear how J.R.'s exit will be handled. (Hagman filmed six episodes before his death; J.R.'s funeral is scheduled to air on March 11.) In the meantime, J.R. will be busy helping his son John Ross claim a bigger shareholder's stake in Ewing Energies - a plan that involves John Ross teaming up with Rebecca (er, Pamela) to make sure Christopher can't get an annulment. Sounds like a good start, but John Ross will have a big Stetson to fill.

I can't wait to find out what happened to Ivy since she lost the lead in Bombshell! Will she make it to Season 2 ofSmash? - Hannah

NATALIE: In short: yes. One of the many changes coming to the new season of the NBC musical drama is the sudden disappearance of Ivy's drug problems (which also means no more hallucinations - sad!) However, just because Ivy is on the straight and narrow doesn't mean everyone is. Look for another cast member to turn to drugs during a moment of despair early in the season.

I can't believe Sam is actually Neal's father! How will Neal handle that discovery when White Collar returns? - Chris

ADAM: How would you handle it? Neal is initially skeptical about whether his dad is really a good guy. His dad will try to win over Neal by explaining everything that went down back in the day, which means we get answers to all our burning questions right away. Unfortunately, the new intel will send Neal on a mission to get close to those who betrayed his father - much to Peter's chagrin.

I'm so excited that Charlotte's babies are coming onPrivate Practice. Can you share any scoop? - Katy

NATALIE: Remember that awesome scene between Jake and Amelia during last season's finale?  When he pushed her back into a position that made the labor pains more bearable? Well, look for Amelia to pay it forward to Charlotte as she is going through her intense labor.

What can you tell me about the new season of Justified? - Will

ADAM: Even though Winona has left Raylan behind, he seems to be doing all right for himself. You'll see a lot more of bartender Lindsey, both behind the bar and between the sheets. But she's hiding a secret that could rock Raylan's world. Speaking of secrets, Boyd seems to be even less trusting of his partners than usual this season.  That may have something to do with the secret stash of cash he's keeping from everyone - including Ava!

Natalie's Mega Rave: After a pretty "meh" fall, I'm very much looking forward to Fox's serial killer drama The Following. Kevin Bacon is great in his TV series debut and James Purefoy's character (and his followers) deliver a creepy tension that will have you climbing the walls. Happy New Year indeed!

Adam's Mini Rant: I tuned into Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve to see a tribute to the legendary broadcaster, not to watch a breathless Jenny McCarthy shill for Weight Watchers. Dick is definitely missed.

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