Top Videos: Manti Te'o's eHarmony Ad, Dana Carvey Serenades Jay Leno, Oprah Grills Lance Armstrong

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Dana Carvey, Jay Leno | Photo Credits: NBC

This week, a bunch of sad hopefuls auditioned for American Idol, Dana Carvey sang "The Ballad of Jay Leno" and Lance Armstrong endured a public shaming by Oprah Winfrey. And in spoofs, Manti Te'o made an eHarmony ad and comedians advertised Birth Control Yogurt. Check out these clips and more in our Top Videos of the Week.

American Idol Presents "The Miserables": It's audition time at American Idol, so you know what that means: train wrecks abound! Check out this Les Miserables-parodying montage of some of the worst offenders from the Chicago auditions.

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Lance Armstrong Confesses to Oprah: In what might be the least shocking celebrity takedown interview ever, Oprah Winfrey finally gets Lance Armstrong to admit publicly for the first time that he took testosterone and other performance enhancers before all seven of his Tour de France victories.

Manti Te'o's eHarmony Ad: The world may never know the extent of Manti Te'o's involvement in the hoax involving his non-existent girlfriend, but here's one thing we do know: this parody online dating video, courtesy of the folks at Funny or Die, is hilarious.

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Jimmy Kimmel's  Inauguration Prank: Folks walking the streets of Los Angeles are all too eager to offer their opinions on President Obama's second inauguration for this Jimmy Kimmel Live segment. The only problem? When they were asked, the Inauguration hadn't happened yet.

Baby Laughs Hysterically at Dog Eating Popcorn: Okay, so this video is a few years old, but it only gets more adorable with age. When's the last time you laughed this uncontrollably at anything, let alone something as simple as a dog eating popcorn? We could all learn a lesson from this easily amused baby.

Dannon's New Birth Control Yogurt: In this hilarious send-up of politically correct female-focused advertising, comedians like Weird Al Yankovic and Parks and Recreation's Retta endorse a new product: Dannon's Birth Control On the Bottom Yogurt. "My racially diverse friends and I used to hang out all the time, laughing and talking about probiotic yogurt," the commercial explains. "But it distracted us from what we should have been talking about: birth control."

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Steve Harvey's Surprise Reunion: Talk show host Steve Harvey got a special surprise for his 56th birthday this week when his show's producers tracked down a couple in Orlando, Fla., who gave Harvey a job when he was a struggling 26-year-old comedian. "I've been looking for you for years," a tearful Harvey explained. Watch their emotional reunion.

Dana Carvey Serenades Jay Leno: During an appearance on The Tonight Show this week, Dana Carvey performed "The Ballad of Jay Leno," riffing on topics like Leno's rivalry with fellow late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, and doing a pretty dead-on impersonation of Leno himself.

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