New Girl: Will Nick or Schmidt Win Brooklyn Decker's Heart?

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Brooklyn Decker, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield | Photo Credits: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

What kind of woman is attracted to both Nick and Schmidt?

New Girl will venture to answer that question Tuesday (9/8c on Fox) when the dynamic duo meet Brooklyn Decker's Holly in a bar, where they'll discover there's a particular reason why she likes them both. To get the scoop, caught up with Decker, who also dishes on being part of the big strip True American episode:

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Tell us about Holly and what kind of girl she is that she would be attracted to both Nick (Jake Johnson) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield).

Brooklyn Decker: Holly is a very peculiar, special person because, in a way, she's a horrible person because she's attracted to sad stories; the sadder the better, which is why she's attracted to Nick and Schmidt. Basically, they're competing for her affection with their brokenhearted sob stories. She's a bizarre mix of turned on and really attracted to anybody who has a good sob story for her.

What attracted you to playing this role?

Decker: [Executive producer] Liz Meriwether called, and I'm a huge fan of the show. I've actually seen every single episode, except for this week's, so don't tell me what happens this week! They called and they said, "We have this girl who is kind of weird, who gets really aroused by men's sob stories." I thought, "Sure! Whatever you guys want. I'll play a janitor for all I care. I'd love to be on this show!"

Being a fan of the show, were you excited to get to play True American? And how confused did you get about the non-rules?

Decker: It's as confusing as it looks! [Laughs] What makes this game of True American so special is that it's strip True American, so we get our guys down to their skivvies, and actually Zooey [Deschanel] gets down to her bra, so she gives you a little bit of a peep show, which is a bonus. I'm sure she'd hate me saying that. Basically, when you're filming it, it's as chaotic as it looks. They roll the cameras for about five or six hours and you're running on furniture, you are throwing stuff at one another, you are shouting out former presidents, you're shouting out different bills; basically you're going back to your elementary school brain to what you learn of American history and you're yelling it at each other. It's a crazy fun, chaotic game and somehow they cut it together so it looks like it has somewhat of a structure. And there's a lot of booze involved - fake booze before sunset!

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The fun of True American is that we don't know the rules. Did they fill you in at all?

Decker: Sort of. It's funny, I asked all these questions as a fan in trying to find out the rules. But their things is that, the first time they filmed it, it was chaos. Then the fans of the show actually somehow found some weird formula within the scenes of that episode and created these non-rule rules to the game. Somewhere out there in the blogosphere, there actually are kind of rules for the game. However, when we're filming it, nothing applies other than the fact that there are bases. This is lava, this is safe, that's out of bounds. Other than that, there are no rules. You blurt out whatever you want at each other and hope that someone will be on your side and say that you will.

What interaction will Holly have with Cece (Hannah Simone), since she's the other woman in Schmidt's life?

Decker: You have to get through to the girls, which Holly does not do a good job with Cece. She meets Cece and she's heard so much obviously since Schmidt is trying to give her this sob story about how Cece broke his heart. She knows Cece made Schmidt cry, and all of a sudden Cece comes into the game of True American when all of them have been drinking and Holly basically thinks she can work out the problems between Cece and Schmidt, which is crazy. Lucky for Schmidt, but Cece goes along with it.

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Is there hope to see Holly back past this episode?

Decker: I hope so. We'd have to make Holly heartbroken and switch the roles and reverse it so that she somehow gets her heart broken and then realizes really how twisted her fetish was. There might be a chance of her coming back.

Check out a sneak peek of Decker on New Girl below:

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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