The Vampire Diaries New Posters: Who's Uniting and Who's Returning?

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Vampire Diaries | Photo Credits: The CW

Will the search for the cure on The Vampire Diaries unite Elena with her former boyfriend Stefan and arch-nemesis Rebekah? And is a certain doppelganger making her return?

The CW has released two new promo posters that are not only typically hot and sexy, but also hold little hints as to what's to come.

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In the first poster, Stefan (Paul Wesley) stands behind Rebekah (Claire Holt) with Elena (Nina Dobrev) slightly off to the side. The tagline reads, "An unlikely threesome." We know the other Salvatore never said no to having two ladies in his bed, but in this case it seems that something has forced the trio to team up in their search for the vampire cure. But where's Damon (Ian Somerhalder)? Perhaps he's tied up.

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In the second poster, a striking Elena sits in front of Bonnie (Kat Graham), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) (armed with a crossbow!) and a vision of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in the mirror. "Prepare for houseguests," the tagline reads. But if you look closely at Elena, could it really be her doppelganger Katherine? The sexy shoes, wavy hair and manipulative look certainly point to that.

What do you think these two posters mean? Tell us in the comment section below!

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