The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Tierra Has a Way With Sean

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Sean and the remaining Bachelor women were on the move to Whitefish, Mont., this week, where Tierra continued her reign of terror. But were her antics enough to send her packing? Not just yet.

"I know America is going, 'C'mon, this is ridiculous,' but he really likes her," host Chris Harrison tells

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Tierra aside, viewers got to see Sean get close with some of the lesser-seen women like Lindsay and Catherine. But how do their relationships stack up against early favorites Desiree and Lesley? Plus: Why did Harrison tell Sean that he's sometimes too good of a guy?

Lindsay had her first one-on-one date. Does she seem a little immature to you?

Chris Harrison: It's hard to say because of how she started this whole thing with the wedding dress and having too much to drink. I don't think she has any clue that she was on the chopping block on Night 1 and was so close to going home. So I wish she hadn't done that because they have this great chemistry and get along great, but you can't help but think every time they're together that she was the goofy girl with the wedding dress on.

The group date included a relay race that ended with Desiree downing goat's milk!

Harrison: Before the race she told me, "I don't care what it tastes like - I'm taking it down." I was standing right there and gagging; I had to turn away. It was coming out of her nose. It was just gross.

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Did the losing team have a right to be upset that they weren't going tohave the night part of the date?

Harrison: They had a right to be pissed because they lost, but I don't think Sean should've invited them. In fact, I just talked to him about it again last night. He has a fault in being too good of a guy, like giving a rose to Daniella because she needed reassurance or inviting the blue team because he doesn't want to be seen as a bad guy. The whole date was a race set up for that reason. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but that's the way it was. Des chugged goat's milk out of a goat [for him] and it was all for nothing.

When Tierra showed up at the date, how could Sean not be sick of her antics already?

Harrison: I know America is going, "C'mon, this is ridiculous," but he really likes her and that's something you can't quantify. If you go back to Ashley Hebert and Bentley, it was the same thing. Tierra has a way with him. In the same way Lindsay is immature because of the way she started, Tierra got off on the right foot with the first impression and kind of stole his heart. So he's very protective of that.

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During the cocktail party, Sean talked to Lesley about Tierra. Is that putting her in the "friend zone"?

Harrison: He talked to Lesley because Lesley is so damn cool. She's never in the drama, she's always so positive and he really likes her. It was kind of a friend move, but I think he respects her and her opinion because the other girls like Des and Robyn are too close to the situation, and she can give perspective.

We finally saw Sean and Catherine together. They clearly like to kiss, but is there more there?

Harrison: You know, I don't know. That's what I keep seeing too. They have great chemistry on one level, but I haven't seen the depth. It's a rather superficial relationship at this point. At this point, they giggle and kiss, and that's about it. But I know Sean likes to laugh and have that carefree relationship, and that's what both Catherine and Lindsay provide.

Check back on Tuesday night for Part 2 of our chat with Chris Harrison!

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