Mega Buzz: The Revolution Tower, Following's Missteps and an Americans Death

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Thanks for all the scoop on Revolution. What the heck is the tower?! - Clark

NATALIE: We will see the tower of power before the end of the season, co-executive producer David Rambo says. "It's very much like the cave that the Dragon guards in mythology," he says. "It's a place of a lot of power and it's dangerous for everybody who goes in there. Whoever controls the tower, controls the power."

Will the FBI ever do something right on The Following? They can't all be that stupid, can they? - Jason

ADAM: We can't speak for the whole Bureau, but Kevin Bacon promises that his Ryan Hardy will eventually get a leg up on Joe Carroll. "Because [Joe's] such an intelligent character, we always have this idea that he has to have this master plan that's bigger and smarter than all of us," Bacon says. "That's actually a little bit of a façade. You start to see cracks in the facade and you start to see that he does have vulnerabilities. The minute that happens, [Ryan has] the instinct to know that's what's going on. [It makes him] stronger and stronger... and it does get him back on track."

The Americansis my new favorite show. What can you tease? - Derek

NATALIE: Someone in the FBI will soon discover Phillip and Elizabeth's true identities - and will pay the ultimate price for it. But what will the FBI, which is already on edge after the KGB killed three of their men, do in retaliation? You'll be shocked to find out what lines Beeman will cross in his quest for vengeance.

What can you tease about the Person of Interest finale? - Lisa

ADAM: Executive producer Jonathan Nolan promises that Reese and Finch's nemesis Root (Amy Acker) may finally have her day with Shaw (Sarah Shahi). The bad news: Our team of heroes may not be equipped to handle to the fallout. "We are going to see something from Fusco's past come back that becomes very divisive among our guys," executive producer Greg Plageman teases. "It becomes an interesting point of conflict in whether our characters can ever actually move past that." Adds Nolan: "We're trying to avoid the idea that they always save everybody all the time," Nolan says. "This is not a season that necessarily ends well for anybody... If that's what folks are looking for, they're going to be disappointed."

Got any scoop on New Girl? - Cameron

NATALIE: Jess may actually get a stable job! I can exclusively reveal that 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub will guest-star in an upcoming episode as a fellow teacher friend of Jess' who offers her a new job. But will Jess blow the interview? Stay tuned!

I'll take any kind of Bones spoiler you're willing to share! - Maggie

ADAM: You've heard that this season's penultimate episode is crazy-intense, right? "It's kind of shot like 24 and everyone's life is in danger," executive producer Stephen Nathan says of the episode, which features an outbreak of a highly contagious, deadly disease in the lab that will infect one of the team members. Since Booth is furiously trying to get into the locked-down Jeffersonian, conventional wisdom might point to Brennan being the afflicted. But our money is on Cam or her new lover Arastoo. "[This] crisis deepens their relationship quite a bit," Nathan teases. "It's going to be very intense for them."

What's coming up on 2 Broke Girls? - Olivia

NATALIE: Caroline's father Martin Channing (Steven Weber) will return in an upcoming episode - which is actually not a good thing. A woman who used to work for him is being paid to write a tell-all book in which she claims they were lovers. Naturally, Caroline will come to her father's defense.

I'm not feeling Garcia's new boyfriend on Criminal Minds. Can't she and Morgan get together already? - Bethany

ADAM: Nope! Shemar Moore promises us that will never happen. But if it makes you feel better, there are "absolutely no plans" for Morgan to get lucky in the love department. "Everyone's pairing off or has dated someone longer than one episode - even [Reid] got a girlfriend - but I understand that Morgan won't get a long-term girlfriend," he says. "People feel like he's cheating on Garcia when he goes on a date! So he's going to remain the single guy."

I can't wait for Parks and Recreation to return! - Jackson

NATALIE: Me either! Especially because an upcoming episode will feature Leslie going head-to-head with... Ron?! The duo will disagree on what to do on a particular project and they'll have to fight for Councilman Jamm's vote to get their way. And just because Jamm will soon be going to court with Ron, that doesn't mean Leslie has the upper hand, especially when it comes to ultimate competition: mini-golf!

I'm so glad Justified will be back next year. Got any early scoop on Season 5? - Evan

ADAM:Walton Goggins seems pretty confident that, after Ava's arrest, we'll see more of heartbroken Boyd next season, despite his new heroin partnership with Wynn Duffy. "He has everything that he's ever wanted, except the only thing that really mattered to him," Goggins says. "To be away from Ava is his worst nightmare." So, will Ava's sad fate inspire Boyd to turn his back once and for all on his outlaw ways? Probably not. Then again, Goggins says, "In the life that he's chosen and the price that he's ultimately paying, I think this is a man who will probably be disgusted with himself. I don't know that he's ever felt that before."

When are we going to see Diggle go after Deadshot on Arrow? - Kathleen

NATALIE: Very soon - though David Ramsey says the ramifications of that may also spill into Season 2. "For once you get to see the strong, stringent soldier," Ramsey says. "He's out for blood. Deadshot's presence in his life will not only create a bloodthirst with Diggle, but it will also cause a problem with him and his new relationship." Speaking of relationships, Diggle's quest for vengeance will also put his partnership with Oliver to the test.

I've missed Vegas. What can you tell me about the upcoming episode? - Tyler

ADAM: When the show returns Friday, the FBI will try to make an informant out of a Savoy employee who runs into some trouble with the law. (When you work for the mob, maybe you shouldn't have sex with underage prostitutes.) Realizing the Feds have their hooks in one of his guys, Savino will recruit a familiar face in law enforcement to help him do the dirty work of getting the skim out of Vegas and back to Chicago. Sounds easy, right? Too bad it turns out to be deadly.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Kudos to Castle for its Rear Window-inspired 100th episode, in which Castle believed he was witnessing a murder across the street only to discover it was all an elaborate scheme to get him to his surprise party. Best fake murder ever.

Adam's Mini Rant: I blame Mariah Carey for Lazaro's continued existence on American Idol. Sorry, Mimi, but his "courage" shouldn't be factored into every one of your critiques and certainly shouldn't keep him around longer than those with clearly superior voices.

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