The Carrie Diaries Finale: Will Carrie and Sebastian Get Back Together?

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The Carrie Diaries prepares to tackle Walt's sexuality head-on

On the penultimate episode, Carrie forced his hand to break up after she turned their special night at Madonna's "Virgin Tour" kickoff party into a disaster - instead of losing her virginity, she ditched Sebastian so she could get a byline in Interview magazine.

"For me, the fun of Sebastian and Carrie is that relationships have a lot of ups and downs and are very complicated," executive producer Amy B. Harris says. "Carrie can make a lot out of nothing and sometimes she's looking at it in just the right way. This is a relationship I'd like to keep mining for as long as I can."

Monday's season finale will jump ahead a few weeks to the group's outing to prom, but not everyone will actually make it to the big dance. "That's a big debate: What will happen with her and prom? Where are they? I think they're in a surprising place at the end of that breakup," Harris says.

"It's one of those breakups that's an explosion that neither side really wants, but it feels like there's no other option," Butler adds. "He doesn't want this and they still have those feelings, but it just can't work somehow."

Ratings woes won't rush Carrie Diaries story lines, says Amy B. Harris

Meanwhile, Carrie will find herself with an opportunity to make the trek full-time to New York this summer - which is where the series will likely pick up should The CW renew it for Season 2. With the possibility of Season 2 taking place during the sweltering New York summer comes the possibility of meeting some familiar faces. "We won't see [this person], but we'll get an introduction to one of the Sex and the City characters," Harris says. "We have a little nod to one of the characters that we might meet over the summer." However, it's not the character that appears at the end of the first novel.

But Carrie may not be alone in that journey to the city. Walt (Brendan Dooling) will face new trouble in Castlebury that may lead him to New York as well. "Walt is going to be forced to face his choices a lot sooner than I think he wanted to," Harris says of his sexuality. "It's going to have some pretty dramatic effects on everybody when it happens... I think there's a few people who are going to be quite shocked to figure it out and be very upset because their past will have been rewritten. I think Maggie [Katie Findlay] would be someone who would be shocked to find out that Walt was gay."

The Carrie Diaries finale airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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