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Aden Young, Adelaide Clemens | Photo Credits: Sundance

At the tender age of 18, Daniel Holden (Aden Young) found himself on Georgia's death row, convicted of the rape and murder of his girlfriend. In Sundance Channel's gripping, beautiful new drama Rectify, it's 19 years later and Daniel's been released, thanks to the tireless efforts of his sister Amantha

(Abigail Spencer) and some new DNA evidence.

"The question now is, what happens when you take a man out of this box and put him into a world that has tried to shed him for nearly 20 years?" Young says. The Daniel that emerges is faced with grown-up siblings he's never met, new technologies that take some adjusting to and a whole bunch of townsfolk who still think he's guilty. (After all, he did confess and he was found near the body.) It also doesn't help that Daniel is an introvert, prone to long bouts of silence and plagued by flashbacks to some pretty nasty prison experiences. Because of that, Young explains, "he has withdrawn from the idea of experiencing love or emotion."

In the exclusive clip below, Amantha gives Daniel a tour of his new old hometown just a few hours after his release, trying to reconnect with her back-from-the-dead older brother through some gallows humor. Rectify bows Monday, April 22 at 9/8c on Sundance with a two-hour premiere.

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